CLG vs C9 Highlights LCS Summer 2020 WD4D1 Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 by Onivia -

CLG vs C9 Highlights LCS Summer 2020 WD4D1 Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 by Onivia

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CLG vs C9 Highlights LCS Summer 2020 WD4D1 Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 by Onivia
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  1. Ruin is so bad lol , he is prob only a dia top lane player in euw that ints non stop

  2. How do you get a counter pick in the top lane and still get destroyed….You get Trundle, Aphelios. syndra and Nautilus and get completely destroyed…. seriously what are C9 doing to the LCS?

  3. C9 seems to be quite good. NA nut C9 however …

  4. Can anyone tell me why C9 is so damn good this season?

  5. Why did the lcs change the layout? Its so annoying to look for towers and kills etc…

  6. Imagine Shad0w vs Blaber ; could be spicy

  7. Wish they can arrange MSI or Worlds already, C9 is getting a bit cocky with those emotes spam, don't they realize that they're playing in NA? They need some reality check, I wanna see how they compete with the "real" teams around the world.

  8. I am a TSM fan, I just wanted to say the way how C9 is playing is absolutely beauty! I wanted my team to play like this too…. Now I know in 2016 they play very aggressive, but hopefully my team can makes some improvement on Macro and come back to that playstyle. Once again Congratulations C9 on the win! #TSM

  9. C9 smurfing per usual, the question is which other LCS team will step up and actually be on their level?

  10. CLG is doing good until they pick Malphite.

  11. closer's lee sin better than blaber's lee sin

  12. Ways to beat c9 get yamikaze againts nisqy and make him tilt

  13. Mỹ Đen Cu Bự Tử Chiến Bắc kì Lồn says:

    Na product is garbage

  14. Can C9 play in EU for a week or something they need more of a challenge to have a chance in internationals

  15. They the best NA team by a mile.
    It will be very interesting to see them in the Worlds 2020.

  16. This is such a wasted potential. If this c9 played during that time when TSM was really good or when CLG got peak aphro and DL, they could've been a good contender at world

  17. what a sad game for Ruin, have 3-5 deaths with only 1 assist is so frustrating/ tilting in normal or ranks games.. must be much more for competitive games

  18. 5:01 Nisqy with the hard BM. C9 rlly can't take anyone in the LCS seriously

  19. Blabber smurfin again. But tbh it's disguting to see people like Wiggily or Stixxay still in top league. Those guys should be just removed, any 17yr old kid from soloQ could do what they do. Almost every team has people like this, most of Adacemy is full of washed up or useless people like this.
    That's why LCS is such a joke, except C9 of course (and to some degree FLY, EG or TL, but these have almost no chance internationnaly, so why i even bother mentioning them…)

  20. Lets see cloud9 Vs skt or IG or fpx and watch them get rekt.

  21. I am so happy C9 is still in form. I hope they can keep it this way even at worlds, so we could finally measure their true power level.

  22. i feel so bad for c9 they have no challenge at home and they will have so much pressure when they face european korean and chinese teams

  23. Licorice is so good vs other NA toplaners <3

  24. Ruin come back 1907 Fenerbahçe. LCS not for you. Come TCL and destory all top laner.

  25. Nisqy BM is unreal. Throws a dab while running in 1v3 lmao.

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