CLG vs C9 Highlights | LCS Spring 2022 W3D1 | Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud 9 -

CLG vs C9 Highlights | LCS Spring 2022 W3D1 | Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud 9

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights
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Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud 9 Highlights | LCS Spring 2022 Week 3 Day 1 | CLG vs C9

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  1. WAIT WTF LS IS OUT?????? WHY??? WHAT?????? JACK????

  2. For the past few seasons, i’ve been watching LS’s costream with nemesis, and he’s been flaming LCS nonstop so i was excited to see him coach in the LCS, and in 2 weeks he has proven that he’s not all talk. He has made LCS exciting to watch again. Meanwhile C9 is making TSM management look golden with this.

  3. must be argument on drafts or something…. since ls always thinks unconventionally… maybe they fought over it…
    then LS being LS wont back down from his throne….
    which may have led to c9 thinking we may have to let LS go than banter like this all year long which may lead to more problems in the future….
    PS…. this is just my bold assumption…. no credibility or so ever….

  4. After discovering about what happened to LS and seeing how the team lost without him. I didn't even bother to watch the rest of the highlight

  5. CLG played really well this game
    C9 seems a little lost when they are behind

  6. Clown9 baby that’s what I’m talking abiut

  7. I thought 100 thieves lost to imt was bad but this is horrific lmfao 🤣

  8. thank you comments for letting me know LS was fired, makes sense why the draft was boring as fuck and the gameplay subpar, LCS is back to not worth keeping up with again i guess. Hope LS gets out fo this unscathed

  9. WOOO great win for CLG!! Anyone know what happened to LS??

  10. The Liandry’s Corki was a nice touch in support of the LS (LS stands for Lost Shadow, which Riot added as a shop keyword for Liandry’s as a reference to him)

  11. honestly if it wasnt for u guys in the comments i wouldve never know LS got dropped ty time to dig thru twitter to find why

  12. Imagine getting shit stomped by fking clg after firing LS

  13. Lose a single game and people start over exaggerating thing

  14. I really hope that Macaiyla spills the beans and tells us what she knows about the release. By her reaction it seems to be some bullshit twitter drama level stuff at best, I highly doubt she would be as supportive of LS if he actually did something awful worthy of an immediate firing. Can't help but feel that C9 management handled this situation in the worst way possible. I wanna feel bad for the players, and I do, but seeing the org lose to CLG immediately after is really funny too.

  15. LS aka Leaving Suddenly was released from Cloud 9 eSports after coaching 4 games with them over the span of 3 weeks.

  16. With a dying fanbase ,I felt LS built up some expectations,now ,probably not going to watch live ,and wait for highlights

  17. Whenever this trash C9 midlaner play a mid champ they lost. Hayss disappointing. Imagine that liandry build. He should have built an echo for burst. Damn.

  18. Told ya C9 and LS just overated and overhyped af.. they're not that good, its just LCS team just so bad including them lmao
    Imagine losing to CLG KEKW
    Goodbye LS LUL

  19. C9 legit threw the game in support of LS, and I have no issue with that.

  20. Even those ones who weren't big advocates of LS view of the game admitted that seeing his ideas in action was such an exciting event.
    Now all of that is gone and it feels like shit, it was a good run at least. I like to think that this will not be the end for him…

  21. Wow… usually not interested in Drama, but this… This is something that I was excited about. What is going on

  22. was ls fired before or after this match?

  23. LS in his last video for C9: "There is no way we'd go 0-2 this week (= lose to CLG). Unless there is sth absolutely gone wrong."
    C9: Say no more.

  24. Idk what is wrong with lcs, for real I'm not a big lcs fan it's hard to watch, there are rarely exiting games, for now eg, tl, 100t and c9 looked entertaining, at least some games were interesting for me, but now I won't support that shit anymore, i rather watch Russian League

  25. Holy shit, a decent game from contractz. That's something I haven't seen over the last 3 years. Just like a decent CLG game.

  26. Fudgey building Liandrys to honour LS. Wholesome

  27. LS: If we dont go 2-0 this week something is really wrong"
    C9: np, we got dis

  28. I'm pretty sure Max Waldo can introduce smart drafting, but is he going to be allowed?

  29. This new tsm vs clg rivalry is so much better than the previous one

  30. c9 draft doesnt seem too bad tho, CLG well played n i think c9 players dont happy abt LS leaving as well

  31. wait LS is out? ah fuck LCS then 😀
    Maybe Fudge didnt enjoy playing Ivern, and berserker was like fuck karthus haha

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