CLG vs 100 Highlights | LCS Spring 2023 W6D2 | Counter Logic Gaming vs 100 Thieves -

CLG vs 100 Highlights | LCS Spring 2023 W6D2 | Counter Logic Gaming vs 100 Thieves

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights
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Counter Logic Gaming vs 100 Thieves Highlights | LCS Spring 2023 Week 6 Day 2 | CLG vs 100

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  1. Bjergsen look so bad and washed up ! Just gtfo lol

  2. glad 100t lost, just retire and go next season. This team is horrible.

  3. Good lord 100T are bad. Sucks too that the young players with more potential will be the ones to get kicked between splits because DL and Bjerg sell more hoodies. Doomed. Papa Smithy was sooooo right.

  4. This team finally getting exposed for who they’re. People overreacted to the 5-1 vs terrible teams. DL been bad for 2 weeks now. Busio & Tenacity looks like lost rookies when this is supposed to be the best environment for a rookie to come in with Vets and proven winners. Bjerg on any playmaking champ is hard to watch. Again does nothing. Finally got Closer on a carry JG only for the game to be over before it started because of botlane. As a Jungler that game is unwinnable. Closer at best could’ve forced plays in the midlane but with a passive midlaner what are you gonna do? The Hoodie org meme lives on. This team was made to sell shirts. Not to win.

  5. Playing a passive style won't work even in the LCS

  6. Good good 100t, can't believe there were people that expected much from them… it's sad to watch

  7. 100 hoodies strike again with sleepy bjerg doggy closer and the rookie mistake rookies. Oh and DL being DL

  8. man ngl it felt like diamond vs silver players.

  9. Look at all the challenger lcs analysts in the comments section 😂

  10. Bjerg and DL should have stayed retired, they ruin their legacy with this performance.

  11. Bjergsen: Welp, Nisqy played Gragas mid, so I can too.

    Palafox: U wot M8

  12. Painful to watch.. this 100T is mediocre..

    So I was right in the end that DL and Bjerg should have already retire..
    I don't even get the point players who quit the game and play again and quit again and play again…

    Some people just don't know when to quit ..
    It's obvious those matches that they did win was just a momentarily hyped up thingy.

    I don't even see a game plan the last week's it's like watching solo que.

  13. Bjergsen think he is faker gragas mid and busio think he is keria omegalul garbage trash can

  14. Those Lee placebo buffs really did something on LCS jungler, just like LS predicted. Champ is still useless in this meta. If you don't ban Sej at least trade her for Maokai or the other one jungler in meta, Elise

  15. Another game lost by DL lmao, Bjergsen needs to get onto a better team asap. Hopefully EG or FLY kick their mids and pick him up

  16. People thought 100t was supposed to be a winning team nah jersey sales at the end of the day always about the $. But, teams need to let players like bjer and dl go eg is a prime example there are rookies to be found

  17. Last year's 100t would demolish this year's one

  18. 100T made too many blunders and CLG played well, but even with that said… Aurelion Sol in this game and the TL vs TSM game looks so OP. The circumference of ult / knock up, the damage, and the mobility is nuts.

  19. Yikes Grandpa BJERGSHIT and DOUBLELOST at it again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Doublelift and Bjergsen have been shitters for so long


  22. Only things 100 thieves steal is garbage from the trash can

  23. 100 bot lane and mid Hard NOOB BROOO

  24. I knew before I even scrolled to the comments that idiots would be talking about Bjerg and DL LMAO. Busio runs it down every game, drafts are horrific, yet the comments are always about DL and Bjerg.

  25. why play lee sin if ur gonna farm whole game and do nothing.

  26. Burgersen and Doubleflip goats just sub in unforgiven already

  27. 100T disappointment play streak continues.

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