Circuit Maze Logic Game -

Circuit Maze Logic Game

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The positively fun electric puzzle challenge. The logic puzzle requires you to place and arrange the tokens on the board to complete a circuit and light up the LED.

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Kick your noodle into high gear and solve the electric puzzle, Circuit Maze.

Each game piece features a conductive strip of metal to move current through the game pieces and illuminate the colored bulbs. The charge is weak enough that it won’t shock you, so feel free to arrange and orient the pieces as you try to solve the puzzle.

Circuit Maze includes 60 unique challenges ranging from beginner to expert difficulty. If you’re totally stumped, solutions are printed on the reverse of each card.



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  1. Beginner ,Intermediate ,Advanced ,and Expert? We 2019 peeps rank by Noob ,Still Noob ,Pro ,and GOD!

  2. Mfw solar roadways all turned out to be a scam, and a flop. Im guessing he got put on janitor duty after that.

  3. 30 – 35 bucks for a damn game! Wow just wow. 😒

  4. Solar roadways could theoretically work if we used hovercars, since they're not touching the road, bam, free energy, right?

  5. The boss said Johnson was the idea guy. He never said he was the good idea guy.

  6. WHO WATCHES THE VIDEO but dosent buy the products?

  7. "Who's the idea girl now, Nancy?"
    Me: Are you a girl, Jon??

  8. Why don’t we just make roads generate power when cars drive over them

    Edit: and imagine if there were areas on the ground that charged your car battery

  9. Jon: Solar Freaking Roadways

    Joey: Gigantic solar farms without wasting land ?

    (( laugh so hard at that part

  10. The idea girl is the one that didn't droptheir mug

  11. Someone actually put a window on a bathroom

  12. Bruh my school used this and I was like wait a minute…. I’ve seen this before..


  13. Where’s the cross-promo for the Energizer batteries?

  14. "who's the idea girl now,nancy?" wait you are a guy

  15. Just go in Minecraft and get redstone dust and a torch with lamps and place them around and done free game

  16. That last one should only be in the girls bathroom

  17. I bought YouTube premium for no ads and offline vids but I still watch Vat19

  18. My teacher has that before the COVID-19 pandemic. I miss school 😞

  19. 1:38
    "who's the idea girl now Nancy?"
    but you're a guy…

  20. everybody gangsta until Vat-20 shows up

  21. By completing a tier 1 puzzle, you get 1% brain power. Incrementing the tier by 1 doubles the amount of brain power you receive. Assuming he completed all puzzles, he got 2.25 times smarter.

  22. Dont let Innersloth see this or else elec will become torture

  23. Me : maybe I should buy this toy
    International shipping price : hi

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