Charisma logic in games - Charisma Ring -

Charisma logic in games – Charisma Ring

Viva La Dirt League
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It’s amazing what a ring of charisma can do!



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  1. I wasn’t gonna subscribe but then I don’t know what happened, you just had me with your undeniable charisma! 😳

  2. Adam’s always great. No shame. (SHAME! *dingdong*)

    But, does anyone else feel like the ranger should’ve been Hamish? It just seems like the perfect role.

  3. Ring of Charisma: something a GM should never give the players. 😆

  4. He looks like Frank Spencer from Some Mothers Do Ave Em. Classic. Dinkle Dork

  5. For some reason I really like when Rowan plays the.. lesser sharp persons, like this and the janitor in the Bored series. It's really funny

  6. Please please please please please please please please PLEASE More Dinkledork! Maybe a Dinkledork for each of y'all? Idk.
    But someone mentioned in here a Dinkledork Ring series. That'd be neat!

  7. "And what if I put on this hat?" -Keita, probably

  8. That doesn't make sense tho, why would a Ranger need to be charismatic? They're spending most of their time in wild.

  9. Iv watched this a few times over the year it's been out and just realized it said he's not charismatic enough but not that he's not dashing or daring. So dinkledork here is a daring and dashing fellow

  10. Me and Girls I date with makeup: Why hello There!!!
    Me next morning: How do you get there!!!!!

  11. This reminds me the ring of Artorias Covenant for fighthing in the abyss

  12. Lmao my fiance's gamertag is DorkleBingleton so loved seeing the DinkleDork

  13. Next short movie – Dinkledork's route

  14. Actually, this is my trick during job interviews.

  15. The epitome of "mouth breather in their mom's basement".

  16. I'm still waiting for the adventures of…
    "Dinkledork and His Many Rings"

    *Thanks 1Dreamking for pointing out my mistake!

  17. Someone should definitely make a mod for an RPG that changes the sound for equipping magical rings to Dinkledork's "Shlwiiiing!"

  18. An expensive golden ring with quartz and emerald can do that in real life

  19. Wow! I just had to subscribe, he was so charismatic! Idk what came over me

  20. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. We need dinkledork to have a guest appearance in the D&D series

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