CAN YOU SPOT THE LIAR? Crime Riddles & Logic Puzzles -

CAN YOU SPOT THE LIAR? Crime Riddles & Logic Puzzles

7-Second Riddles
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Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: and test your critical thinking & attentiveness with these “Who’s the liar?” riddles! Imagine that you’re a detective and you have to be very attentive to the details so you can solve crime puzzles quickly. Also, there are some short brain teasers for you to boost your logic. Don’t hesitate to try these tricky puzzles out and see if you can crack them quickly.

00:00 – Riddle 1
01:39 – Riddle 2
02:55 – Riddle 3
03:34 – Riddle 4
06:18 – Riddle 5
07:26 – Riddle 6
09:02 – Riddle 7

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  1. are there new ones coming out? yet let me know if you said yes ok?

  2. pick 1 out of 12 when you finish watching 1 of those videos from 7 sec riddles

  3. Riddle 2: David: excuse me are you ignoring me?

  4. Riddle 4
    What if the boy helping the director is the pranked?

  5. In the first ques

    They say they were in isolation cell
    But it is happened because some one find the dead body right ???

    So …..

    There is a time diff BTW the death and the body finding

    So there is a chance that the girl confess to other girl!!!

    So the real answer is unknown

  6. I'm afraid of heights and I climb of mountains

  7. bu't my comment is lost bu't i have new commet

  8. helga did she afraid of hieghts but there a pi of her on the mountin

  9. 10:17 Why do these riddle Youtubers always do this? There are recommended videos at the end of every video that you can click on to watch. And always, they cover the answer of the riddle with the video so I can't see it.

  10. It should be the teacher on the zoo puzzle because some owls don’t sleep during the day and at most normal zoo’s you aren’t allowed to feed the carnivores


  12. I finally got the helga riddle right when I saw her mountain climber picture in the background

  13. Owls aren't always sleeping during the day. And a teacher feeding crocodiles? I highly doubt that the teacher herself feeds creatures like that.

  14. There is a picture of a climbing

  15. i think its helga bc she has a picture of her on a top of a mountain . and she says that she is afraid of heights

  16. was I the only hey Arnold fan who knew Helga did it, so that Arnold doesn't understand she likes him?

  17. video boxes at the end cover the whole text XD

  18. No. The murderer should be Laura. She was lying. Maybe she didn't leave in 10 mins. Lena was dead at 12am but Josh came home at 2am

  19. The first riddle, they were all in the isolation cell. How could they possibly kill a man?

  20. I think it was josh cuz it said shortly

    But it was 2am

  21. 2:39,somebody probaly push her and let the lion eat her! but i think it's Rona cause, an owl only catch rat at night, they sleep in the morning, but it didn't sleep,this isn't a reason,the reason is,the owl didn't catch any rat only at the night

  22. 2:57 who is her mom? the one who have same necklace is her mom, but the girl could just find out who is it, she definitely know how her mom look like

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