C9 vs. CLG | Upper Bracket RD 1 | LCS Summer Split | Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming | Game 5 (2022) - evolve-gaming.com

C9 vs. CLG | Upper Bracket RD 1 | LCS Summer Split | Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming | Game 5 (2022)

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VoD of Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming | Game 5
LCS Summer Split 2022 #LCS
Upper Bracket Round 1

Casters: Captain Flowers, Azael, & Kobe

Cloud9 Lineup:
⦁ Fudge – Top Sejuani
⦁ Blaber – Jungle Viego
⦁ Jensen – Mid LeBlanc
⦁ Berserker – ADC Sivir
⦁ Zven – Support Lulu

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
⦁ Dhokla – Top Gwen
⦁ Contractz – Jungle Trundle
⦁ Palafox – Mid Vex
⦁ Luger – ADC Zeri
⦁ Poome – Support Karma

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  1. Maybe I'm just used to the LEC but I was expecting better midlaning from Palafox :(GG by the teams though great series overall!

  2. Give Zven a F***ing medal this guy is absolutely insane, one of the best professional League of Legends players to ever grace the rift. The dude was one of the best ad carries in the LCS in the previous years and humbled up even more, took a support role and is the best in North America AT THAT ROLE! Zven is my all time GOAT and get's no respect. Thank you brother Zven for all you've done for my team I'll continue to support you for the rest of your career.

  3. 15:12 the fact that Zeri can kill wards without having vision of the ward itself needs to be nerfed… way too easy for her to clear Blue trinket/Pink Wards.

  4. man poor dhokla, guy is 1v9ing the game. if only he has a midlaner or at least a useful one. from all of mid champ like ahri, akali, sylas, lissandra, even nerfed taliyah is not that bad here, palafox pick vex? i understand it counters dash champ like leblanc but it is so bad compared to other mid champ.

  5. The fans sound like they are about to brawl lmao

  6. For the love of everything holy, fix the mics so the crowd isn't being broadcast as well.

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