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C9 vs CLG – Tiebreaker | LCS Summer Split | Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming (2019)

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VoD of Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming
LCS Summer Split 2019 #LCS

Cloud9 Lineup:
Licorice – Top Aatrox
Svenskeren – Jungle Rek’Sai
Nisqy – Mid Taliyah
Sneaky – Bot Caitlyn
Zeyzal – Support Morgana

Counter Logic Gaming Lineup:
Ruin – Top Gangplank
Wiggily – Jungle Xin Zhao
PowerOfEvil – Mid Azir
Stixxay – Bot Xayah
Biofrost – Support Rakan

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  1. 2018 C9 from 10th in Spring to World's Semifinals PogChamp

  2. Before anyone else complains about the quality, you have to wait for the HD version to come online rookies

  3. Earlier this split.. I said this would be the most competitive lcs season ever. What I didn't know was that echo fox and fly who were playoff competing orgs in spring, would be this bad.

  4. You mean to tell me CLG drafted triple losing lanes and a C tier jungler and yet couldn't win? gassssp!!!

  5. It's a bad move to blind pick Xayah+Rakan when Caitlyn+Morgana(or Lux) isn't banned. It's such a hard lane to win against. Same mistake from week 9 Echo Fox's game against TL.

  6. I'm so glad they didn't put Sneaky on EZ again.

  7. Omg CLG bot so shit.
    C9 wants Worlds and i think they deserve it. That crazy x factor to make it out of groups again.

    WP C9, still gonna get 3oed in the finals, but thats kinda inevitable. So gg

  8. Markz and Travis should make a response or apology to Sneaky😁

  9. I never have ever thought sneaky was a bad player . yeah he is not double lift but if you give him poke champs rather than hyper scaling champs he is so good .. sneaky pog daddy where have you been. Was an eye 🍬 to watch

  10. OFC they were gonna camp bot when they picked Taliya.

  11. Azir and Tryndamere players are cowardly cunts.

  12. dude POE looks exactly like stixxay, i keep mixing them up lol

  13. CLG: Time for a Bye
    C9: Worlds/Gauntlet Buff activate
    CLG: Nani?!

  14. Lmao, I don't think Sven is in a position to talk about spilling onto his keyboard when he did that twice at worlds. with a sippy cup. :')

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