C9 vs CLG Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 W7D1 | Cloud9 vs Counter Logic Gaming - evolve-gaming.com

C9 vs CLG Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 W7D1 | Cloud9 vs Counter Logic Gaming

Kaza LoL LCS Highlights
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Cloud9 vs Counter Logic Gaming Highlights | LCS Summer 2022 Week 7 Day 1 | C9 vs CLG

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  1. Very happy CLG fan here :") If they some how GETS INTO WORLDS I MA GONNA CRY!!! Not only they are playing well but the fact that they are very likeable and entertaining makes me even more HYPED 😀 Also Jensen should retire, his reaction time is way toooo slow….

  2. good to see clg finally being decent ,just a pity it had to be during the death knell of lcs

  3. Tsm fan but CLG look awesome and exciting to watch! Good on them

  4. Jensen is either super good. Or super bad. Every game. Doesn’t change. C9 need to find. New mid and support. Don’t waste berserkers talent.

  5. 7:09 "You like fishsticks, Jatt?"
    "I really do!"
    The start of that conversation sounds familiar…
    (if it doesn't to you, "do you like fishsticks" is worth a google search)

  6. The Trundle pick into Seraphine, Karma, and Yone made no sense at all. Poppy is up. Wukong is up. Hecarim is up. Blaber clearly can't play this champ without some kind of steroid. Maybe like Lulu or Yuumi or Oriana. Huh. All of those were also up. Don't understand this draft at all

  7. C9 has two players who shouldn’t be on a main roster zven and Jensen

  8. Poome said Zven can only play 3 champs and proved it.. yikes

  9. Im not a clg fan but watching them play this game was legit exciting, their mid/jung duo are psychopaths.

  10. C9 punished for being too predictable, but I'd still take them over CLG in a BO5

  11. Man great job with this amazing roster C9! If only you had the balls to run your team instead of letting the players run you. Always a great day seeing the egotistical trashcan in the jungle get humiliated. Drop the superior top laner that your jungler straight up REFUSED to gank for, to put fudge back top and camp and still lose games. If you actually played around top for Summit like you did fudge, C9 would have won playoffs. But hey, great job running back a weaker version of a roster that didn't win you shit internationally previously. Keep on pushing your false narrative goal of winning worlds when it is clear as day you only care about $$$. Get rid of Jack. Bring in someone competent and willing to let the head coach run the team.

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