Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles And Riddles To Test Your IQ -

Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles And Riddles To Test Your IQ

7-Second Riddles
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These tricky brain teasers, logic puzzles, and riddles will help you test your IQ and increase it to a higher level! Some of these brain games will break your mind! Try to focus on solving them and don’t let anything bother you. These tricky puzzles will not just warm up your brain but also exercise it well.

00:14 – What is wrong here? A portion of visual riddles that will puzzle your brain! Can you answer all of these right?
01:34 – A professional knows that even the smallest detail can completely give one away. Are you as attentive as a true detective must be? Let’s test your eyes right now!
03:26 – How does our life change when we have children? You will see now! But you will have to be incredibly attentive to notice those small signs the children have left😜 Can you find all of them? A fun picture puzzle to boost your observation skills and cheer you up!
05:04 – When you’re in an unknown land, the most important thing is to think as the local people think! If you can do this, you won’t get lost there. So have you already got used to the local sign language? If so, finding the right way won’t be a problem 😜 A fun but tricky riddle to tease your brains!
06:13 – A cool brain teaser for drivers and all smart people who want to keep their minds sharp! This is a riddle based on a real-life situation so you can use this trick every time you need help with your car. But before you get to know the answer, try to figure it out by yourself using your logic (no technical knowledge is required!).
07:16 – Test your memory and general knowledge and try to guess these brands by animals! How many of them can you get right?
09:25 – You never know what you can find if you go to the woods at Christmas (sometimes it can be a crime scene). Now you will have to question everyone in the town to connect the dots and find the culprit so don’t waste your time!
11:08 – A tricky word quiz to challenge your logical thinking and imagination. Look at the pictures and find the connection between them. It should be just one word, so rack your brain hard to find it brain
13:07 – Who has 2 sisters? Who is a boy? Write your thoughts on this picture puzzle in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last quiz!

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  1. Thumbnail answer : The third boy has two sisters because he had wore three "rakhi"s in his right hand …❤❤😂😂😝😝😎

  2. There was a hand at the back of the girl thath has a red bikini

  3. If people watch this i bet theyre honna get smarter who agrees with me

  4. at 1:30 a woman on a left side has an extra arm on her back

  5. 9:21 ..
    The brand is Tux paint 😊🎨
    Like if you agree👍😉

  6. You should make a video on all the questions you had said to comment it because most of questions answer we don't know

  7. The girl in the pool has a baby hand behind her as well as the guy reaching for the drink

  8. C because the things he has on his arm are made by his sisters

  9. The boy with purple t shirt has 2 sistets
    Becoz 1.he has a doll in his hand and only a brother knows that every girl liks doll
    2 the anther boy is not brother of 2 girls because he has blush on his cheeks although he has rubber band it can be just 4 fashion even my brother dose so like is u agree………

  10. The red suit girl on the left has her In the wrong direction

  11. the girl in the red bikinini on had a hand behind her that was mot hers

  12. There is snow in the background and they're all in a hot tub

  13. 1:26 Look at the girl with red dress at the back. WTF IS THAT !?

  14. the boy that has two sis is letter c 👧 👩………………..BECAUSE he is wearing a girl cloth and a braclet. AM I RIGHT ✔✔✔✔✔

  15. it's c he has bracelets made by the sisters

  16. I think C has 2 sisters because I think one of the sisters made the shirt and the other one made the bracelet

  17. 1:29 the girl in the red has one arm by her side and another extra behind her

  18. Wow these riddles are so awesome I can't solve a lot of them.

  19. 7 second riddles is the best YouTuber ever, make more 100 videos for me👍🏻😍🤗

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