Big City Lines - Connect Dots (ATG) Android, iOS Gameplay #shorts #games #androidgame #puzzle -

Big City Lines – Connect Dots (ATG) Android, iOS Gameplay #shorts #games #androidgame #puzzle

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Connect two dots in logic games. 2-in-1 – awesome line game and knots puzzle

Big City Lines is here to ease up the pressure for you! We are happy to take you to a dreamy world of puzzle games. Join the team of brilliant architects and engineers – we are starting our construction work now. Get ready to create the most stunning city in the world!

🌇Connect dots, build houses, and create the city.🌃
Big City Lines has prepared an extraordinary game experience for you. Hundreds of fun, challenging, and relaxing line game levels are waiting for you. You will build all city infrastructure, starting from hospitals, police stations and schools to cafes and maybe even a yoga studio! The city can’t exist without good coffee and mindfulness, right? ust start now, and you will see it yourself. And you won’t believe how simple it is to become a true city builder.

How to play the dot game:
🟣 Connect two items of the same colour on the floor.
🟠 You can draw the line between the two dots both vertically and horizontally, and the line can change direction. However, it’s impossible for a line of one colour to cross another line.
🟣 Some items, like trucks, can move. That’s the trick – you must figure out how to plan the route and move them to connect the dots!
🟠 Each building is a well-planned project, and each floor is a level.
🟣 Level by level, you will build house and create the city. Each level is a new goal and a new part of your building.
🟠 The number of moves is limited. Keep an eye on the number of moves left. You fail if you are out of moves.

Powerful construction boosters
💡 HINT. It helps when you are stuck or almost out of moves.
💝 REVIVE. It allows you to continue the level and your construction.

Jump into the adventure and play now! Big City Lines has numerous fantastic features for more fun. It may seem easy initially, but the further you go, the more complex and interesting the knots puzzle levels get. It is way more addictive and exciting than classic logic games. Big City Lines is a breakthrough in connecting games.

5-star connect line puzzle game:

🤩 hundreds of superb levels
👷‍♂️ fascinating design
🧩 clear rules, easy to pick up
🏗 stunning animation
🚀 helpful boosters
🥇 amazing achievements
🎁 free bonuses and rewards
👩‍👦 easy games suit all ages
🏘 create a dream city
⏰ play anytime, anywhere

Big City Lines is one of the unique games that are always there for you. You know, 2 dots can create the whole world. Fun, brain training and relaxation are waiting for you. Collect them all. Found your dream city now! 🌆


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