Best Puzzle Games To Play On PC in 2022 -

Best Puzzle Games To Play On PC in 2022

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If you want something that’s going to challenge your powers of deduction instead of just the speed you can press the dodge button, you’ve come to the right place. PC gaming in 2022 is rich with the kind of experiences that will make you feel like a certified genius by the time you see the end credits.

Life is more fun when you play. Keep Playing with Logitech G.

0:00 Intro
0:41 We Were Here Forever
1:49 Silt
2:47 Dorfromantik
3:46 FAR: Changing Tides
4:44 Patrick’s Parabox
5:36 Mini Motorways
6:29 Syberia: The World Before


  1. Barely any puzzle games at all. Actually, none.

  2. Good list. 🙂 I put down a few on my wish list.Had a very good laugh at the Siberia mention though. Its More playable than the 3rd entry of the series but it's also just absolutely hilarious. The dialogue and the way the main character is just so oblivious to social rules and interaction makes this a very 'trashy' story to play through. Don't get me wrong. It's great because of it. I would recommend this game instantly to anyone who is in need of a good laugh at some trash content. Loved it. Played it til the end. An absolute must have for people that like the trash genre.

  3. Loved Patrick's Parabox. Was kinda upset when it was over after a couple hours. Really wish I knew of similar games. Have looked up many "games like" lists, but none of the games are similar at all. They're all very different, so I haven't found any other good, similar games. Would appreciate any suggestions.

  4. Portal: Reloaded. It was released last year, but I thought it is worth mentioning since it is free. And it is a remarkable puzzler, especially for Portal fans.

  5. Top tier list video as always. Should be getting views on par with the most viewed gaming lists from any channel.

  6. Hey Logitech make a frikking webcam that works for iPad!!! Do it quick I’m inpatient with you….

  7. Good list 🙂
    Dorfromantik—means romantic village in German—has a lot of the Carcassonne vibe, one of my fav board games. Syberia 1 & 2 were great a decade or 2 ago, 3 not so much but okay, so I'll give this one a spin too.

  8. Hello Logitech! I have a question: will you ever make the g25 again?
    I really want one and it is hard to find. This is my biggest wish.

  9. Can you play any with a friend online??

  10. I really liked a puzzle game called "The Entity Code", on Steam

  11. Great video, If you like shooting/puzzle games, you try our latest game, Death Roll.

  12. A simple game "SuSurye" to play alone or with someone.

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