Best Puzzle Games To Play In 2021 [Infuriating But Relaxing!] -

Best Puzzle Games To Play In 2021 [Infuriating But Relaxing!]

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Get your brain in gear with the best puzzle games to play in 2021.

Puzzle games come in all shapes and sizes, because, really, anything can be a puzzle. Finding your keys again after putting them down. Tracking down the forks you moved when sleepwalking. You know, all sorts of things. This means puzzles games to play in 2021 are a fantastic mixed bag that will get your grey matter in gear.

In this video, we’ll be taking you through seven puzzle games to play in 2021.

Intro 00:00
1 It Takes Two 00:54
2 Dorfromantik 02:07
3 Murder by Numbers 02:57
4 Carto 03:50
5 The Last Campfire 04:43
6 The Room 4: Old Sins 05:45
7 Rain On Your Parade 06:35
Outro 07:43

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  1. It takes too Is freaking amazing me and my son played this

  2. i friggin love these videos, so much effort goes into them

  3. Yay puzzle times!!! The narration gets me so psyched ☺️

  4. this is a shajt list and to make things worse you didn't get the title right….you forgot the word CASUAL

  5. Hey Maddie, long time now see (hear?) 😁

  6. Resident evil 7 is missing from the list

  7. I really enjoyed ur content and like watched like all ur top 10 videos but when i saw ur profile pic my respect just went ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  8. Осуждаю за аву канала

  9. A very well put together list 👍
    P.S. -Do try It takes two, fantastic game

  10. Cc a toi mais se sont des puzzle pour enfants exemple tu devrais faire des vidéo puzzle rpg sinon super vidéo prend soin de toi ne lâche rien tes super bye bonne soirée je tes mis un pouce bleu pour tant courager à faire des new vidéo sur d'autres puzzle du jorer puzzle rpg sa tu aurais certainement plus de personnes qui regarde derai et pour la même occasion je me suis abonné à ta chaîne

  11. It takes 2 you can't play on the same ps4 which is a bit annoying

  12. I played them all after watching your video and my favorite is The Room 4. You should also make a list of the most difficult and unique puzzle games of all time such as The Witness and Portal 2.

  13. I really like your videos and you have some good recommendations for single-player puzzle games (with an end) on this channel.

  14. Additional Puzzle recommendation from personal experience: Phogs!, There is no game: Wrong Dimension, Biped, Arise: A simple story.

  15. I love puzzle games so that I made the one called "Toychess" 🙂 Hope you puzzle geniuses can try it and let me know if you have any feedback 🙂

  16. The last campfire has an extremely "Journey" feel in its look and design. Is it done by the same company?

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