Best Puzzle Games To Play In 2020 -

Best Puzzle Games To Play In 2020

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There’s brain teasers galore, as this video is all about the best puzzle games to play on PC in 2020.

Puzzle games come in many different forms, and we’ve tried to cover a full range of them in our list. You might love point and click adventures with amazing art, or the tricky logic puzzles that will leave you pondering for hours. Whatever kind of puzzle game slots into your mind the best, we hope you’ll find something new you love here.

So, here is our list of the best games like puzzle games to play on PC in 2020:

Intro 00:00
1 A Monster’s Expedition 01:16
2 LUNA The Shadow Dust 02:14
3 Kine 03:22
4 I Am Dead 04:25
5 The Almost Gone 05:52
6 The Unfinished Swan 06:55
7 Path of Giants 08:10
8 Raji: An Ancient Epic 09:06
9 reky 10:28
10 Poly Bridge 2 11:41
Outro 12:46

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  1. Poly Bridge reminds me of Bridge Constructor Portal.

  2. Nice list again, you guys are on a roll 🙂

  3. I'm not that keen on puzzle games, but I'm watching this video because I love your accent.

  4. When superlight, 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨❤️❤️❤️😉😉😉😉😉😉😉?

  5. cuestionable list ,the unfinished swan its from 2012,the almost gone its nothing especial to say the least,Raji a puzzle game? in the other hand A monster expedition its truly a gem, one of the best puzzle experiences of my life i liked Luna to.Other really good puzzle games from this year are Tangle tower,superliminal,manifold garden,the pedestrian.

  6. please fix your logitech g hug software, it doesnt open and run as administrator and my gpi is fucked

  7. I love you Logitech, but the update process needs a bit of hammering.

  8. Among Us' swipe card task is also an incredible puzzle.

  9. No professor Layton on the list. Feel quite disappointed NGL

  10. Какой классный голос!)

  11. I just finished playing there is no game and it left me wanting more puzzles

  12. A nice, informative list. Path of Giants I already own and it's great. A Monster's Expedition, Redy and Raji have been duly wishlisted but (as someone mentioned below) it's stretching it a bit calling Raji a puzzle game; even though it looks amazing.

  13. GRIS was amazing. 2018 game but I only just played it this year.

  14. If you like puzzle game, please play Candy Glass Maze. It is available on Google Play and App Store.

  15. 12:22 she put some weight below the bridge to pull it down and some above to push it down 😂. The bridge has better chance of standing if you didn't use any rods at all.

  16. 10 x not my idea of a good game.. Why no more games like "Monkey Island", "Kings Quest", "Book of Unwritten Tales", so sad that good puzzle games have died out!.

  17. If anyone's interested in really challenging pin-pulling puzzles (not like Hero Rescue & clones) with a funny story – you should try How to Loot by A42 Games (don't get confused by other games with similar titles, check the dev title). Made by indie game devs btw!

  18. What about inside? I guess its the best ever

  19. what about 2021? I like Blank Bubble Sort. Seems to be totally new experience 😉

  20. I need a shower after hearing that sickly sweet put on voice

  21. Do y’all know what game this is : the icon has a whale on it and you gotta turn the shapes around to find what the image is

  22. If you ask me what my favorite puzzle game of all time is, it’s definitely “Baba is You.” That game is just so clever.

  23. very nice game ideas, my favorite puzzle games are poly bridge, bird snake and the 15 video puzzle

  24. Hey, I've been playing a good game lately. It's called PaperSoccer Online on google play (orange icon with ball), and that translates to lines like on a grid at school. Great game, so far few people play because it's probably new, but I'm looking for friends to play. My nick in the game Bibczik. Greetings

  25. I love puzzle games but I can't find a free good one

  26. If u download the demo on switch it does not say demo

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