Best puzzle games for iOS!! -

Best puzzle games for iOS!!

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Get ready for the top 10 puzzle games on the App Store. From word games, to match-threes, to time-management, we have something for everyone.

Awesome baseline: Mal Blum

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  1. Brain dots it's a really strategic and challenging game but the classics are really good too

  2. Unblock is the best puzzle game! You should have included it.

  3. This particular brain exercising game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) amuses me a lot! My focus and ability to remember could develop by taking part in these games because they are very tricky. I never imagined that my whole family will engage in this game as well and sometimes, we play the game altogether using only a single mobile phone!

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  5. Heard ukulele-xylophone stock music and clicked away. No thanks.

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