BEST Logic Games for Kids- SMART GAMES -

BEST Logic Games for Kids- SMART GAMES

The Purple Alphabet
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These are critical thinking games filled with strategy and fun. Two are perfect travel games that would also work well with restaurant kits. The gifts for kids in this holiday gift guide are going to make a fun Christmas morning.

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  1. Awesome games, would like to get for myself and my daughter.. Sometimes it's fun to play these games.. 😍😘

  2. Although I can't participate as I am from INDIA.. But surely will get from somewhere.. Thanks a ton for your lovely ideas..

  3. All these are amazing but I would love sleeping beauty deluxe

  4. My son would love the sleeping beauty game!

  5. My daughter would love sleeping beauty!

  6. Would love the sleeping beauty! So much fun

  7. Hi. My son would like the Sleeping beauty deluxe Maze 🙂

  8. All the ideas are good.loved the cube puzzle the most a lil challenging though

  9. 🤗 Hi the cube game looks fun for my little one!!

  10. The Sleeping beauty game
    My kids love mazes
    All these are great

  11. The IQ stars look like the perfect challenge for my 6 year old!

  12. I would love the IQ stars for my daughter.

  13. We love smart games and Sleeping beauty seems to be awesome.. thanks Christina

  14. My son will love sleeping beauty ❤️

  15. IQ Stars would be great for my traveling family!!

  16. My boy will love the IQ stars. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. IQ stars would be great my son needs a little help with concentration and he would have fun figuring it out 🙂

  18. IQ Stars or Cube Puzzler. Love that these are both small enough to take on the go.

  19. My grand daughter would love the snow white maze

  20. We're you in a Nectar Mattress commercial????

  21. Sleeping beauty would be perfect for my daughter, she loves mazes and solving puzzles. Perfect!

  22. The Sleeping Beauty or IQ Stars would be perfect for my little one!

  23. I think my daughter would like the IQ Stars game. I love how it is compact and would fit in a restaurant kit or she would be able to take it on long car trips.

  24. So many more good ideas! I’d love to win Cube Puzzler Go. Thanks!

  25. IQ STARS!
    I love that all these games are one player! Sometimes my son wants to play but all the games we have require minimal 2 players.

  26. The sleeping beauty looks like fun. My son would love this.

  27. That sleeping beauty game would be a HUGE hit with my girls. They’re 2, 5, and 7 and love games. All three games are amazing.

  28. My kids would love the sleeping beauty delux

  29. Cube puzzler go would be a fun brain break for my oldest!

  30. Honestly, we would love any of these items, but the Sleeping Beauty game is the best age match for my kids! Thank you for the ideas and the opportunity to win one!

  31. Sleeping Beauty would be a huge hit with my daughter! She loves that type of puzzle game, and adores mazes.

  32. IQ stars and Q Puzzler go would both be so great for our upcoming trip! But I think the cube puzzle would be our favorite!

  33. Sleeping Beauty Deluxe ohhhhh please!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

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