Ben Shapiro Destroys VR Surgeon Game With Facts & Logic -

Ben Shapiro Destroys VR Surgeon Game With Facts & Logic

Ben Shapiro
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Hey folks! Join me today as I take on virtual reality and play Surgeon Simulator. Don’t worry, my wife is a doctor.

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  1. And just like that ladies and gentlemen, we now have two New Democrat voters

  2. I'm a retired nurse of 25 years and this is hilarious…not much different than any other new doctor.

  3. 😂😂 My same experience but not during a transplant!! Thanks, Ben🌺

  4. 3:51 if the devs would’ve had a jump scare ready for Ben I would’ve lost it 😂😂😂😂

  5. Loved this!!❤ covid tried to take me out but somehow I survived. My lungs didn't fare well though. So now I use oxygen can't get out much but VR has Bern a life saver. Feel like I'm going places and doing stuff.

  6. Oh Ben….why not just try to be good at it? I'm stopping at 2:34. Oy vez. Your wife must have the patience of Jobe.

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. As Ben gets dolder he progressively curses more and more with an idgaf attitude

  9. We need a channel just to watch Ben play games.

  10. I'm not a doctor, but I slept with one last night.

  11. Give him a happy ending!
    Come on! Don't be homophobic.
    Do it! It's virtually not even gay.

  12. These are pedophiles that he is working on, correct?
    Fantastic job! Bravo!

  13. Way to go all Paul Pelosi on him.
    Yikes… too soon.

  14. “They can’t all be winners guys”….. true Ben…. So true

  15. Ben you missed your calling, should’ve been a standup comedian. That last line lol I would watch a special of yours anytime.

  16. Meh, he still did way better than any Harvard student could ever do these days

  17. I will forever laugh at how much swears when he's not doing his show 😂

  18. Is his wife a doctor? I never realised. He kept that quiet!

  19. Ah yes my favorite Lets Play youtuber, Ben Shapiro

  20. 👍I'm going to need medical treatment myself after that "I got in through an affirmative action program" comment.

  21. Mumbles "… Obamacare happening…"

  22. Damn! Covid treatment is getting brutal!

  23. This had me die laughing 😂 not literally die… Though if Ben was my doctor I definitely would be.

  24. “Oh don't be such a baby… Ribs grow back.”

  25. Next episode: Ben plays Doom Eternal, because his wife's a doctor.

  26. My son got me to play VR once. It was immersive. I was supposed to shoot Zombies of something. I didn’t do well. But when I took the set off, I was facing a totally different part if the room thought, and took a few minutes to readjust to reality.

  27. Ben playing VR is like Joe Biden being president!

  28. need to try blade & sorcery, hotdogs horseshoes & handgrenades, and half-life alyx

  29. Best part of this is when Ben just did away with his patient when he couldn’t put the lung back 😂 More of this please!

  30. Ben knew what he was doing remember his wife's a doctor

  31. What’s with the Jamiroquai bit at the end? I like it, but what?

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