BattleText (Random Logic Games) - free offline addictive word game for Android and iOS - gameplay. -

BattleText (Random Logic Games) – free offline addictive word game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

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BattleText is an addictive, free word game that will test the limits of your vocabulary, train your brain, and challenge the speed of your texting!
Are you confident you can outsmart and out-text not only the game’s expert word champions, but play live heads-up rounds with other players, including playing games against your friends?

The concept is simple: All you have to do is come up with bigger words that have more letters and type them faster than your opponent. It’s one of the best free to download, free to play games, and that makes for endless free fun! Seeking some retro gaming fun? Dive into the world of golden axe game and play online anytime!

– Multiplayer Mode for endless free gameplay! Play against friends or strangers!
– Get your feet wet with easy rounds, then challenge yourself as the game gets progressively harder.
– 9 separate game characters with very different personalities to compete against!
– 72 different timed stages to play through, in Story Mode.
– Free to download, free to play.
– Quick matched rounds with fast paced game play!

Sounds like an easy word game, right?
Well, somewhat – it’s pretty simple in the beginning while you are learning, so picking up the concept is easy… but it doesn’t stay that way for long! This brain stretching game switches up the rules every round. Every word you use generally has to start with the same letter that your opponent’s previous word ended with, and on many levels specific letters are required to be used or simply removed from the keyboard entirely! Don’t let the game intimidate you though. If you’re at a loss for a word that fits the criteria established for you, use the AutoComplete feature for some suggestions.

Once you’ve honed your skills against our in-game experts and want to really test your texting skills, try the game’s Multiplayer Mode. Simply login to your Facebook account with the app on your phone or tablet and it will save your progress. BattleText will also let you play a quick word game with your friends, and if none of your friends are playing just yet, you can use the Quick Match feature to play against a random opponent!

Free offline and online game.

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