Assassin logic in games -

Assassin logic in games

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What’s that then!? There’s someone prowling round here!


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  1. Exactly Assassin's Creed. Most times guards are down right blind, deaf and stupid. And then other times they have the sharpest senses ever

  2. kills and leaves the guard’s body in the middle of the street

    Guard: who did this?!

    Me in the crowd decked out with weapons and armor: 🤷‍♂️

  3. Ну и хуйняяяяяяяя

  4. Awesome, found this channel years later and can't stop watching it lol. Btw from 0:52 the music is from the Last of Us, right?

  5. Ezio and Edward blending between groups of dancers
    The guards: Ah darn it man he was right here!!
    Why tf can they not see the hooded man right there 😂😂

  6. you can see him trying to control his laughter while crying

  7. "This npc is essential" "Honeywood bounty went up 50000" "You are now wanted"

  8. If my brain still works is that Centurion:Def. Of Rome for Amiga500 soundtrack?????

  9. Assassin logic with the last of us bg music

  10. This is fable:the lost chapters in a nutshell 😂

  11. Didn't know Perkz was so good at assassins. Shoulda been as good on stage as well hehe

  12. Im persian (iranian)Assassins are persian .in persian language that's written 👉اساسین if you want to find out some information about Assassins read about slam and history of iran♥️♥️♥️. bye=خدانگهدار

  13. Warning: Killing Civilians will result in a desynchronization

  14. Go away?

    I'm in the middle of nowhere, basically trapped… And this is my house…

    You go the fuck away…

  15. That "Last of Us" track for dramatic effect… Brilliant!

  16. This is like a joke my bf woke me up at 3am to listen to once
    Bf: I once threw a boomerang and now I live every day in fear

  17. 0:53 I just relaized thats the theme of Sarah death from the last of us

  18. I call this ultimate skill "A Stone's Throw Away"

  19. In red dead 2 this would have gone horribly wrong racking you bounty over 200$

  20. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  21. 0:52 thats The Last of Us music?????? by the great Gustavo Santaolalla

  22. dont forget, if this was odyssey, whistle a million times in a bush until they get annoyed enough to get close

  23. Oh no, my favorite Garlic farmer.
    You shall be avenged!! 😭

  24. His outfit is a lot darker in the after scene "credits" in the skit it almost looks purple when it's dark black in the other shot.

  25. There’s someone prowlin’ round ‘ere!
    Is staring at a wall and bush

  26. Why the american accents? Would be way better without..

  27. am i the only one who found Penumbra soundtrack here?)

  28. Каждый раз сердце щемит…

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