Anonymous Your game is not logic, Game over -

Anonymous Your game is not logic, Game over

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“Global Elite”; The title you have because your ancestors forced our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers to kill our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers by threatening to kill or imprison our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers.
We are Anonymous; We are the true heroes & warriors that occupy this universe; We represent all the heroes you have had killed because they spread the message of love, peace & compassion.
We know Your Game & Agenda & We Are Here To Stop It!
We know you have twisted the true messages of The Bible & The Qur’an to fit with your agenda through false promises, and kill anybody that spreads the true message of love, peace & compassion.
We know you use that twisted message to sustain your war-game, commit genocides, divide & conquer.
We know you spread the message of hate, murder, disorder & oppression.
We know you kidnap, force adoption, abuse and kill native people while destroying our planets precious nature.
We know you abduct humans to brainwash and make them kill in the name of your game.
We know you are trying to depopulate planet Earth with war games, electromagnetic pollution, atomic waste, chemtrails, fluoride, pesticides, vaccines, GMO’s, pharmaceuticals and unsustainable inventions.
We know you are killing the surface of our planet and poisoning our waters while having underground cities and D.U.M.B.’s filled with fresh water, organic food, fruits and herbs and all the inventions you have suppressed throughout the centuries.
We know you smuggle your drugs around the world with the help of pilots, airport staff, diplomats and in our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers coffins & body-bags.
We know you force your puppets to make laws that forbid the use of healing herbs.
We know your game of forcing us to use unsustainable solutions to get power, heat, fuel, entertainment, communication, clean water, food, fruit & herbs.
We know your game of making us earn and use money that was never was yours or real in the first place.
We know your game of using and corrupting humans to promote your messages and how you kill them when they stop obeying you.
We know your game of intimidating and brainwashing our mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers to take oaths, to protect and kill in the name of your game.
We Are Anonymous; We can be arrested, prosecuted, forced to commit suicide or killed, there are still 999.999 Anonymous warriors ready to fight on & on, in their honor; We are the 99% and We Will Own the NWO.
You so-called “Global Elite”
You so-called “Illuminati”
You so-called “NWO”
Your Game Is Over!
Our Mothers, Fathers, Sisters & Brothers Are Taking Planet Earth Back!
Today… Will be the last day we will protect you, to hurt and kill for you, and sustain your evil ways!
We are playing a new game.
We will have free energy and sustainable solutions.
We will have free uncensored communication media.
We will have free clean water.
We will have free organic food & herbs.
We will have freedom to enjoy our loved ones, nature, art and music.
We will be free to raise and educate our children about our world, the universe, inventions, life, love, music, art, philosophy, visions, and sustainable & maintainable solutions.
We will be free to travel around and enjoy the beauty of our planet, our sky, the stars, the moon, and the universe.
We will be free to cooperate together, to gather knowledge and technology to make all inventions sustainable and maintainable.
We Are Anonymous!
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us!


  1. I could barely understand your voice synth. And I'm a robot.,

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