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A Journey Through Liminal Spaces | Dream Logic | Full Game

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PC Gameplay. New Full Game Walkthrough. 4 people have already mysteriously gone missing and I might end up being the 5th. Are we in the backrooms?

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Liminal spaces are those strange, evocative, and occasionally unsettling locations that appear to be the entrance to another realm. When someone enters a space that is outside of typical space and time, they are said to be in a condition of liminality. These people straddle the boundaries set by law, custom, and convention for the typical roles, behaviors, and positions.

Explore liminal spaces: Pools, School, Hotel, Parking lot, Office and more.
Fly through real-time generated clouds.
Outrun other vehicles while driving into the sunset.
Solve puzzles to advance.

Import your own custom entity and try to escape the backrooms.

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  1. The way you couldn’t use the pool ladder made me think of the sims and many many unfortunate pool ladder accidents.

  2. The pool with the huge diving platform genuinely made me screech out loud! Frrrrrreakiy! Super dark water at God knows what depth. Imma say NAW to any and all of the pools. Naw.

  3. The music was a little too nice or "ethereal" as you said for the spaces to be uncomfortable. That previous one you played with the pool world made me uncomfortable because the way it was designed made it seem like there should be lots of people around but weren't, that one really gave me "The Langoliers" vibes.

  4. I found that liminal space games give me both an uneasy/creepy and relaxing/comforting feeling
    Note: still think the game would have been better if the creature appeared on the other places

  5. I loved it

    I also would rather it an experience

    Horrific nightmarish

  6. To be honest CJU, the emptiness of that place doesn't bother me as much as the lack of food and toilets.

  7. Can someone please name games similar to this one, that Chris played on the channel? Thanks <3

  8. The realism aspect is why liminal “horror” has me hooked.

    It doesn’t have to get all of it’s spooks from big scary monsters or soul-sucking demons, it gets it from putting you in an environment that could exist but is just so ridiculous/outlandish that it doesn’t and never will.

    Obviously things like the floating pockets of water to travel through floors is not realistic… but walking down those halls with the dim lighting? Imagine walking down the flooded and dimly lit halls of your high school right after a hurricane had just hit… sounds pretty scary to me

  9. This really reminds of the stuff Kane Pixels puts out. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out his channel. He's done some pretty cool stuff

  10. I've had this reoccuring dream over the years about being back at my old high school's locker room and gym. The school is Southern Trinity High School in a remote part of CA and the school is very small. But in my dreams, the locker room is massive and there are endless bathroom stalls, benches, showers and lockers. The gym never changed though, it was always the same size. These types of games always remind me of those liminal spaces in my dreams.

  11. I wish i get transported to backrooms.

  12. God save the Queen.
    God keep "Prince" Andrew away from Buckingham Palace and underaged women. 🙏

  13. Can someone do a backrooms game set in a lighthouse where you get to fight mannequins? -made by 616 games? LOL

  14. I enjoyed this one! Beautiful to look at, varied environments, nice music, some puzzles, some sort of a story…. I 100% agree that it lacks "something" to make it more engaging as a game, but as a 30-35 minutes experience, it was more than decent!

  15. -The bass drops at 3:54.
    -PSA: "Anemoi" is pronounced "ah-ne-mee" (the "e" that follows "an" sounds like the "e" sound in "met" and the "oi" is actually an "ee" sound in Greek), so "Anemoiapolis" is pronounced "ah-neh-mee-ah-poe-liss."
    -The bass drops in a literal sense at 23:25. I find this game noteworthy because it has walking, swimming, flying AND driving segments.
    -This is the best of slow-burn horror; horror that conceals itself via wonder and mystery before throwing a jumpscare (and that was an great jumpscare) in your face. Dropping into the backrooms proper in the finale and getting chased must have really exacerbated that feeling of having the rug pulled out from under you* after the game was essentially lovebombing you with all those gorgeous, calming and even AESTHETIC visuals.

    *Having the rug pulled out from one's feet may result in one no-clip falling into the Backrooms.

  16. Did you you say 1st person atmospheric?. I sense a comedy

  17. Can you play Chimpy Chippa? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. Okay but like… why hasn’t anyone created an entire building full of cool intricate pools. With water filled hallways and random spots with tables and chairs. No windows, random floaties. Wet dream land.

  19. The horror was a little lacking for most of it, but a fun experience.

  20. That was really fun! The scene in the car looked like something right from the Miami Vice series 🙂 Thank you for playing, CJU!

  21. The moment someone makes a backrooms game involving lighthouses it will no doubt be a smash hit.

  22. I love Backrooms games! I love Backrooms everything TBH 😂

  23. This was a really fun experience. That synthwave driving part was my favorite part

  24. Strange game had a bit of everything in it I found, different?!

  25. It’s nostalgic for me in the pools rooms cuz I used to go to the neighborhood YWCA (not YMCA) and I would get swim lessons when I was really young

  26. What a great experience. I love the dream pools. They remind me of when I would visit Wet n Wild in the 80's. That jump scare was super effective I yelled "Jesus" at the screen. Hahaha thanks for playing this and sharing this experience with us. 🥰

  27. this game is like if LSD Dream Emulator turned into an indie-horror-game-genre-themed game

  28. This game scares me just because I can’t swim 🫣

  29. I never personally found liminal spaces scary. I always found them fascinating and fun to explore. Sort of half pretending where I'd set up shop and hang out at.
    The horror mostly comes from the creatures people made for these type of games.

  30. Hey Chris I just seen the game,"my beautiful paper smile" that you played the first part to like 3 yrs. Ago ive watched it so many times lol but was wondering if you were going to play the full game???

  31. How terrifying! I know that's some peoples worst nightmare, waking and unable to move, I couldn't think of anything more terrifying. I guess that's why they shut the project down. Great game Chris, 👏 too the developers. This game was like a roller-coaster of feeling, terror, calm, excitement, dread and finally hoplessness. Wow!

  32. I love to watch your gameplays, it makes my day better. Thanks!

  33. The only thing that is OFF here is that everyone thinks this is anything other than a terrible indie horror game.
    this is some of the worst stuff on the entire channel. of course including the other Liminal games and the backroom nonsense…
    even 616 games are better. even 616!

  34. this game is a good example of an extremely linear experience that some people will believe is open ended because it provides them with the illusion of freedom in the parts where they can move around in the direction of their choice
    but in reality this was just yet another linear series of events leading to either the death of the player character…or the death of the player character

    after having seen so many horror games being played on various channels it's really disappointing how most devs believe "horror game = bad ending" when the point of any game should be that our actions matter and can result in either bad or good results
    but instead most horror games are these rigid linear "doomed situation simulators" players are expected to stumble through with no reward at the end because our choices truly didn't matter

  35. After a performance like that, you can tell the guy is going places.

    On a more serious note, it seems a bit odd that the game merges Kane Pixel's backrooms with the whole 20 morbillion levels version of it.

  36. After about 30 min I'd begin to panic thinking I would never get out! 👍🏻😊

  37. I've identified that I feel claustrophobic at the idea of endless rooms of swimming pool environments because my multiple chemical sensitivity causes the excess of chlorine often used in public pools to exacerbate my asthma. Basically, it isn't the water, the walls, the depths, or the weird physics that make this uncomfortable for me. It's my acute sensory memory.

  38. Trash ending but respect you for playing thru CJU 🐐

  39. Im completly hooked on your channel again, i thought id escaped!

  40. The pool section was only creepy when the lights got dark, the parking garage is just spooky in general; the cloud part was so soothing. And the school part was creepy too. But the original backrooms has this… feel to it. It's meant to scare you, meant to feel claustrophobic yet somehow massive. It has the correct creep factor to be called a horror game. Overall weirdly stringed together, with very thin plot, but the overall look and feel is quite good.

  41. I cannot believe you missed out on the "knock it off" joke at 5.00
    I was waiting for it so intently! 😀

  42. For some reason my mind was at peace during the swimming pool part, i really would love to be in a dream like this, walking through corridors full of water feeling the cool water beneath my feet. 😌 Even the cloud part was incredible

  43. I admit, I will never feel the horror that liminal spaces games are supposed to generate. These are all walking simulators through not particularly interesting (but generally very repetitive) environments. A good walking simulator has much more interesting environments.

    And in general, I find empty buildings interesting, not horrifying.

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