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A Fun IQ Quiz for the Eccentric Genius

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We are all familiar with classical IQ tests that rate your intelligence level after you have answered several questions. But there are some other ways to find out what your inner genius can do! Here’s an IQ test that’ll determine if you’re average, smart of genius. Let’s see if you manage to answer all of these questions!


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  1. there's no way I got sixteen i'm dumber than half my class 💀

  2. that ticking time stresses me out you shouldn't add it

  3. why call it an IQ test if you don't give IQ number range results?

  4. In the shape sequence the answer is C. And in the gem, football, eightball question the answer is 2. An IQ test where two of the answers are wrong. Just like high school text books. S'why I quit 9th grade

  5. My score is devided in three categories
    1. Simple logically answered 16
    With some confusion and with another logic from mine 19
    By chance 20
    Its means by luck my score was 20 but the actual score was 16

  6. Problem is not that my IQ are weak but problems is that I'm weak in maths

  7. i have 9 points it was little bit easy

  8. I´m 12 and i got 17/20 questions correctly, im looking forward for 20/20
    See you guys nexxt year!!

  9. I think we can use another easy logic for Question 19, sum of the previous 2 digits number is the middle number that comes in between the previous 2 digit number.

    For example, 54, the next number will be first digit 5 followed by the 2nd digit (5+4) followed by 4, so the answer 594

  10. 1. b
    2. a
    3. Sunday
    4. c
    5. d
    6. c
    7. a
    8. b
    9. c
    10. c
    11. a
    12. c
    13. b
    14. c
    15. a
    16. c
    17. d
    18. a
    19. b
    20. b

  11. 15/20 is not bad for a Grade 7 student like me.
    Ngl but i thought I will get a below 10 correct answer😅😅😅

  12. Ima pause the video and go back to tiktok until one of my smartest friends in the comments explains Q11 to me 😒🫣😶‍🌫️

  13. I'm still mad about the sadness hope question. I noticed that sadness was the odd one out based on quality of emotions, but i also thought the ness prefix was a stronger pattern 🙁


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