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9 Riddles That Will Boost Your Thinking Skills

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Scientists have proven that riddles help you boost your thinking abilities and improve your attention span. Are you ready to solve some tricky puzzles to flex your brain muscles?

The glass mystery 0:23
Find all objects 1:07
Hidden pattern 2:02
The cross 2:36
Hypnotizing spirals 3:05
The hidden star 3:44
Intertwined hearts 4:25
Road trip 5:08
Tea party 5:45

-Can you tell which glass has more water in it?
-Can you find all the things in the picture?
-What figure should replace the question mark?
-Can you find a totally symmetrical cross in this picture?
-Can you tell which of the spirals consists of 2 separate parts?
-Can you find a perfect 4-point star among the squares and triangles?
-Try to find the 4 pairs of hearts intertwined in each other.
-Can you tell which way the bus is moving?
-How many cups can teapot B contain?

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  1. Spout almost at the bottom, cant' hold more than 8 ouces of liquid.

  2. Is it intelligent enough to determine the masses of objects jux by their relative sizes?

    It is not fair to conclude that the object in "B" by virtue of its size (jux by the perception of the eye) was going to displays small weight (it's own weight); Whilst object "D" ( the watch) a larger weight relatively .

    Until masses are determined, each of the glasses A, B, C, D could compete for holding the greatest volume of water.

  3. Since Teapot A is holding 32 cups of tea which means (16+16=32) ,Teapot B should be holding 48 cups of tea which means (16+16+16=42)

  4. Any teapot can't hold cups!!! it can hold tea, not cups

  5. for number nine i think its 16, because (correct me if im wrong) 32 divided by 2 is 16

  6. Teapot b will hold 0 cause the nip is at the end

  7. Teapot B can also hold 32 cups of tea if needed, as there’s no mention of the condition to hold all the tea together.

  8. how come this hasn't got 50000 likes after 3 yrs

  9. B because low volume of displaced water.

  10. @Adam Thrussell It is item B. Big M 1981 Marathon Frankston to Melbourne Town Hall.
    Stay healthy and well

  11. Hey guys! Have you solved all the riddles? What about this one 5:08?

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