7-Second Riddles
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A new set of detective riddles, brain teasers, logic puzzles and crime riddles that will test your IQ. If you crack 4, then your IQ is average, if you crack more, then your IQ is above average:

00:14 – New crime riddle.
Drop everything and rush to the crime scene, we’ve got a real mess here! This tough crime riddle is only for brilliant minds and we can’t do without you today. Can you collect all the evidences and examine them carefully to reveal who the killer is? We rely on you!
01:52 – Hard riddle with answer.
This hard riddle with answer is for geniuses only! You have to involve all your common sense and logic to figure out who among these nice people is the killer. So what will you start with? A good riddle to exercise your brain and sharpen your logic.
03:25 – Tricky riddle to stretch and test your brain.
Hey, friend, here is a tricky riddle to stretch your brain and make you sweat really hard! It will require all your logic skills and imagination to find the solution to this tough question. So put your glasses on, I have a job for you😜
04:32 – Murder riddle.
A tough murder riddle that will require all your logical skills! Can you figure out who the murderer was by analyzing their statements? I know it’s a hard task, but they are the only clues we have. Train your brain with a tricky murder riddle with answer!
05:55 – Logic riddle.
I’m sure you will crack his trick, because it’s quite obvious; you will need just to use your logical skills and a bit of common sense. Even if you don’t solve it, it’s a riddle with answer, so you can riddle your friends later on!
07:03 – Crime riddle.
A tough crime riddle only a genius can solve! It’s always hard to suspect the closest people; what’s worse is when your suspicion turns out to be the truth. Your will need all your logic and nerves of steel to identify the killer and bring him or her to justice. I actually failed to guess, because all alibis seemed so logical to me, but this is the riddle with answer, so now I know the truth😜
08:29 – Detective riddle.
Hey, Detective, we need you to solve one challenging case we came across! This detective riddle will require all your logical skills and common sense, so focus on the evidences and try not to miss a small detail. Can you crush this alibi and prove this person is the criminal indeed? We need your help!
10:07 – Who did it? – Murder riddle.
All right, detective. We have several suspects who claim to be innocent. All their alibis sound perfect, but not to you! You do hear two alibis that lack basic logic and you know that two people are the murderers who are trying to cover up their crime! Who are the killers? Put on your hats and investigate the case! (I always imagine detectives 🕵 wearing hats, do you? 😆)

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these detective riddles and logic puzzles you managed to crack on your own! I scored 4/8 🙂

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  1. Its said Who cooks brakfast in the after noon lol

  2. they only say comments because they dont know the answer!

  3. Sadly I got one right which is the last one

  4. 12:10

    Title: 2 People killed one 1 man.
    Who did it?
    Answer: Who cooks brakfast in afternoon?

  5. I guess ill guess it all of them or not|mike's kid zoee(girl)

  6. I have a doubt for the last question. Why the hell are there bushes in the winter? I feel that there should be 3 killers instead of 2, the gardener should be included too.

  7. You know what there are people that would eat breakfast for lunch or for dinner

  8. Am I in wrong place ? Was this Vid created for baby's ? I've solved every thing until I felt so stupid to get here 💔

  9. About that i want to be a investigator I just wanna say that don’t they have a fucking cctv in their shops?

  10. Hey I like to swim when it rains so I’m a serial killer? That is what I heard 7 second lies

  11. I had doubt its night time for interview at 7.52

  12. I think Freddy is innocent as he claimed that his friend amy died a week ago but later he claimed that he was having dinner with amy. Maybe he is suffering from emotional deterioration.

  13. Hey mall will kept open in chirstmas time also

  14. Girl: Am i pretty?

    Boy: NO

    Girl:Do you want to be with me forever?

    Boy: NO

    ……Girl: would you cry if i walked away?

    …….Boy: NO

    she heard enough, and was hurt. She walked away, tear ran down her face. The boy grabbed her arm.

    Boy: Your not pretty your beautiful. I don't wanna be with you forever, i NEED to be with you forever. And i wouldn't cry if you walked away, i would DIE.

    (Boy whispers): Please? Stay with me.

    (Girl whispers): I will.

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  15. Actually I am law student and absolutely these videos are helping me lot😅😃

  16. 5:35 I think the old man cuz you cannot walk a dog in the snow

  17. I thought people do swim when it's raining it's fun!

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