7-SECOND RIDDLES IS LIVE AGAIN! Emoji Games, Crime Riddles, Logic Puzzles With Answers - evolve-gaming.com

7-SECOND RIDDLES IS LIVE AGAIN! Emoji Games, Crime Riddles, Logic Puzzles With Answers

7-Second Riddles
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It’s been a week since our last Live meet up! Today I got the best riddles for you, the riddles that are so hot right now! Emoji games, crime riddles, logic puzzles with answers, brain teasers, movie quiz games, text riddles and quiz questions, best trivia and mystery riddles that will nicely workout your brain and boost your IQ. In two hours and a half you will get your weekly boost of brain power and energy to do something great in your life! Solving riddles improves your analytical skills and help you keep your brain young and always think outside the box! Don’t be shy, try to answer the question before the answer is revealed! 🙂

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  4. Your videos are ALWAYS a very high quality and I love it!

  5. The vampire is in the very back swan. You can easily see him with a cape and a skull

  6. 20:10 the guy reaching for the book bc he has 1 shoe and joggers with everyone else dresses professionally

  7. the guy reaching 4 the books is poor. he has 1 shoe on

  8. 20:20 a guy with yellow shirt is poor because he got only 1 shoe

  9. I also found the lamp and the pencil on the floor, l also found one of the book on the shelf disappeared

  10. Riddles are best then other questions about our personalities so please better the video for more likes

  11. the blind man should break the pills in half

  12. oh ya i am going to answer your question Allisson Pita i think that to its like give us the answer plez

  13. the guy who is poor is the guy in the yellow top because he has one shoe and the other foot has no shoe

  14. I love it thanks❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😁😁😁

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