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6 Logical reasoning questions to trick your brain

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  1. A lot of these make illogical assumptions lol

  2. This applies if u live in third world🌐 & hv no God father

  3. *The small space between the main door, and it's accompanying storm door. … *I'm lying (PARADOXICAL REAPONSE).

  4. Some people have stepmothers you know and my parents didn't marry. Question 3 doesn't make much sense.

  5. For question number 6 the prisoner should say truth because they told that if he tell truth they will shoot(photo shoot 😂)him

  6. Knowing about Russell's paradox, I suggest you should say "I know you are going to hang me" to make it impossible for them to follow their own rules.

  7. Shooting need not result in death so prisoner said the truth that is if he was ready to gamble in freedom.but if life meant everything irrespective of price he stayed dumb

  8. The prisioner should tell an ingenieering fact to save his life.

  9. He said "You will hang me." And so they did, much to his surprise. They also shot him because they were as patient with paradoxes as Alexander.

  10. 1) babies born in 2 time zone can share the same day of birth.
    2) Many bungalows in india has interior windows.
    3) Father's ONLY sister can have a brother and by that, it would be AUNT.
    4) passengers carrying pets are not consider "person"
    5) If silence is delicate, so are words.
    6) "silence" is the best response.

    This test is c**p

  11. None of the answers are correct, because questions are incorrect.

  12. There aren't riddles on standardized tests. These are fun, but not on the GRE or LSAT. I've taken both.

  13. Q1. They were born on different sides of the international date line.
    Q2. Bricks.
    Q3. Mother.
    Q4. The married people.
    Q5. A promise.
    Q6. Ask for a trial.

  14. "I'm free" is also suitable for the 6th one 🙂

  15. My father's only sister's sister-in-law could be no blood relation at all if the sister's sister-in-law is the sister's brother's wife.

  16. Her being my father's only sister doesn't necessarily mean my father is her only brother.

  17. Question 3 is phrased rather wrongly. The right way to put it would be: "What would your father's sister's only sister in law be to you?"

  18. May be one born in that moment where the pm time were started and the other one born own near to Am

  19. I think the best answer for the second is ventilation.

  20. The puzzle says "If you tell a lie we will hang you, and if you tell the truth, we will shoot you. But it doesn't say that they will NOT hang him or NOT shoot him based on his statement. So obviously they shot him first because he told the truth, and then they hung him to make his statement true.

  21. Keeping quiet is the best solution on such questions.

  22. My father's sister's sister in law may be her husband's sister, who will be my uncle's sister.

  23. Teacher: the exam paper will be easy

    The paper : there was a plane crash and every single person died who survived?

    Me : giraffe

  24. He said: "I am a liar" and was both hanged and shot!

  25. The prisoner said nothing. I think you should find harder questions.

  26. 👎 This video is tolerable when muted.

  27. The proper answer for question number 2# is the passage / movement of Time 😲

  28. Most of the questions are very controversial

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