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5 Riddles Popular on Logic | To Test Your Brain

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These are 5 Popular Logic Riddles which will test your brain. Write in the comments how many and which ones of the riddles and puzzles you were able to solve 🙂
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On this Channel i upload a lot lot of riddles. About lying people, escaping a prison or anything where you have to use your brain.
Enjoy! 🙂


  1. I was thinking of making two piles of cards on edge, so no cards where "face up", but the presented soln is much better

  2. @riddle 4 the question if who will "definitely" shout first. So it can be prisoner 1 or prisoner 2. Prisoner 2 will shout only if prisoner 1 "does not shout" so I believe the question is not rightly framed.

  3. Finally a video that has actually HARD riddles

  4. Hat soln relies on a level of deduction that most prisoners don't possess

  5. Dosnt it clearly say the 13 cards are random, so potentially you could get every face up card in your first 13, I’m confused because if you flip them then your done

  6. Honestly speaking I was unable to solve any of them 👿👿

  7. I got all 5 but only because I've encountered the 5th one before. The first time I came across it, I didn't get it though… impatience. 🙂

  8. One is not told, in the 4th problem, that the prisoners shout out their answers in order!!!! Easy if you know that!

  9. I saw one ted Ed riddle similar to the fifth riddle so the last one was easy

  10. I got the answer of 4th riddle sitting in the toilet

  11. I know these all answers as they were mentioned in the riddles of ted ed
    The last ine was very easy for me

  12. Only the last one I failed, I thought how to divide equally 13 face up cards, as it was an odd number.,the first three I got and well within time., thank you for bringing such interesting riddles.,

  13. Couldn't solve the last one, I thought about turning the cards but concluded that'd be considered cheating. I lazily settled for a '13 is an odd number that can't be split half' if the strategy of turning the cards was actually off limits.

  14. Thank you! I appreciate your good work. I was able to answer three of them. However, for riddle four, man 2 will only shout if man 1 doesn't shout first and in that case, man 2 will probably shout first and not definitely shout first as man 2 shouting first depends solely on man 1. Personally, I think the riddle has no solution if all the rules are followed.

  15. I was in 6th class when I solved all of these…. 😑

  16. Easy Learning by Syed Sir Syed Zaighum Meerza says:

    Failed in the last one! 4/5 😂

  17. With the face up and down cards, you could have also just cut them in half

  18. 1 and 2 I just did them in a last video and for the 3rd riddle I failed as I though as soon as animals get out of boat they eat not you can get them on boat and stop that and riddle 4 reminds me of another riddle where cause I didn't do something then its this and the 5th riddle I was like you cant split them as there is 13 not 12 and then I see its like a coin riddle you can just get a number and flip them cause no matter what it was it solves the riddle

  19. In 4th qn I thought it would be the 3rd one cuz he may see little reflection in wall
    Btw nice qn

  20. So if it takes ten days to cover the garden fully and 9 days to cover half that dosent make sence, 9 days only = 50% so they are saying 1 extra day makes up for the other 50? I thought this was logic not math equations and I already suck at math but I feel I have great logoc

  21. How, I got everything correct except for the 1st and 3rd problem… NAOOOOOO!!!

  22. first i completed bc i seen a thing like that, second i didnt completed bc my mind was to stupid to count everything, third i havent completed bc i didnt realised that i can take an animal from second side of the river, fourth i havent completed bc i didnt know that only 2 persons can have the same colour hat (but when i listened to the answer i was shocked how hard was it), in fifth wtf was that

  23. Me who failed all 4 of the easy ones but got the last one right.
    I only do solve puzzles of my levels.

  24. The explanation for Riddle 2 is: If you buy 2 patches, you start on Day 1 with the number you'd have had on Day 2 if you'd bought 1 patch. Since we know 1 patch would cover the garden in 10 days, we know that if you start with 2 patches, you have 9 more days to go. 2 patches cover the garden in 9 days. This is a better explanation. You're welcome.

  25. If prisoner 1 sees that 2 and 3 have the same hat color, he'll know he has the alternate color and will be able to shout his own before prisoner 2. 2 has to wait. Therefore, 2 is not "Definitely" the first to know his hat color in every situation.

  26. I think in the fourth puzzle, the correct answer cannot be given because prisoners one and two have the same chance of winning and shouting first. If the second and third prisoners had two white or two black hats, then the first prisoner would be sure what his hat is. If, on the other hand, the second and third prisoners had black and white or white and black hats, then the second prisoner would be sure what hat he has, according to the solution in the film. It depends on the fate that the prisoner wins, so the correct prisoner number cannot be given.

    It is possible that when solving this task, you only need to consider the example of setting the hats that was in the video. However, it is not explicitly stated that this is the case. It is known that the example can be used to imagine the place of the event and an example of an arrangement of hats, which may also take a different order. So it sticks to my opinion.

  27. Fifth riddle isnt right. Randomly distributed doesn't mean – face card is placed every third card

  28. What's the total size of the terrain that the grass will cover? Some friends say it's 512 and others say it's 1024

  29. I thought the answer was cut all the cards in half, glad i was wrong wkwkw

  30. thankfully i am a mathematician, so i was able to figure out that 13-(13-x) = x in order to solve the last riddle.
    but i actually had some trouble understanding the rules correctly. at first i thought you werent allowed to flip the cards. thankfully the number of face up cards was an odd number, so i realized that this would make the riddle impossible to solve. so i just assumed that flipping the cards was allowed. but if there had been an even number of face up cards i probably would have thought about it forever before trying to flip the cards.

  31. The problem with the last riddle was that it didn't specify that you could only make 2 piles and that the 2 piles had to contain all 52 cards.

  32. Bro , i just well spent 30 minutes of my life, thanks, the last one tho uuuuuu

  33. 4 outta 5 and figured that in 5th one I should flip the cards but I didn't know the ratio. That is how many pile should I separate

  34. Did this with my friend and they got the first one wrong then literally all the rest right. I don't understand.

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