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5 Logical Riddles That Will Break Your Head

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How smart are you? These puzzles are simple enough to be solved over your coffee break. And tricky enough to stump you for hours, sending your mind on a wild goose chase!
Нou have a chance to stretch your brains by cracking a few of these mind-bending little beauties! So, are you up to the challenge?! And don’t miss our bonus – a tricky question with an obvious answer.

Riddle #1. Roadside difficulties 0:37
Riddle #2. A witch’s present 1:44
Riddle #3. The rabbit hutch mystery 3:27
Riddle #4. Identify the culprit 5:08
Riddle #5. The prisoner hat riddle 7:35
BONUS 9:18

Have you managed to solve all of the riddles? Which one is your favorite? Share your results in the comments! Don’t forget to share this video with your friends – let them test their intelligence as well.

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  1. even though prisoner #2 shouts out first… the prisoners will never know whether or not #1 or #4 have a white or black hat.

  2. riddle 2 answer could be that he had already found his betrothed

  3. 3/5, not bad I guess. Ran out of time for the third one, would probably be easier if I wrote it down or something

  4. 2:55 but in our country there is no winter so it would have been necssery for prince to use that TUNIC
    yooooooo at last i win over bright side 🤘😅

  5. first one is ez!! the kid gave the tihngy on his bike to the man

  6. Riddle no 4 can be solved in the following way and this will satisfy all the specified conditions……..

    Colour is gray then driver is man then no licence plate than speed is slow then lights are off and then its a ford car.😊

  7. Quit after number 2, because not all rivers freeze for the winter, pure trolled.

  8. There is a lot of things that all people do around the world simultaneously, for example *breathe oxygen*

  9. Um excuse me I'm a TEACHER and the answer to the last one is definitely BREATHEEEEEEEE

  10. Remove bolt, become car crash
    A lot of these seem like leap in logic puzzles.

  11. They're called Lug nuts not wheel nuts

  12. I thought the last one was gonna be the fourth guy because nobody can see him so he can just take off his hat and look at it

  13. All the people who live on Earth breathe simultaneously.

  14. Riddle number two is not a true riddle because it lacks context. A person in a warm climate would have no logical reason to answer with the solution of a frozen riverr.

  15. Those make no sense. The second one is complained a lot about, so i will ruin 1st and 3rd. First of all, how should've we assumed that 3 bolts will be enough to hold up the tire, and if it is, why 1 or 2 arent. And in the third one why cant it be red, if we are given zero information about red?

  16. The one with the witch is BS. She said the ONLY way to cross is to swim. The correct answer is put the tunic on the horse and hang on as it swims across

  17. Anybody else immediately knew the answer to the first riddle

  18. Its a grey ford headass and also these are too easy

  19. The busy tailor preferably reduce because ravioli hisologically clean modulo a melodic yellow. sable, elegant sign

  20. Bonus riddle: Benjamin Button has left the chat

  21. "Every 60 seconds a minute pass"
    Well they were just being logical

  22. Riddle 5 I think second person will understand his hat colour because he knows that if himself and number 3 have the same hat colour number one will quickly says his colour. So number two will know first that he has a white hat

  23. I thought the tunic was chain mail which made him strong enough to swim

  24. the bonus has another answer""Live" everybody that exists lives

  25. the first riddle made me think that the kid is family oriented…..you know,,,when a family member or a friend is down and all of the other members contributes something to help him/her up….the kid is blessed

  26. so the witch (evil step mother) led the prince farther away from snow white……..?? lol

  27. Yeah, I can't wait to cross over a river in the tropics when it freezes over 🙄 That's what I don't like about these riddles. They make you create assumptions.

    Also, he said he visited the witch in Summer. At no point was there a mention of September until the answer was given.

  28. The one about the rabbits can also be a Green hutch. The original number could have been an even number, which means that after you remove 5 rabbits, you now have an ODD number of rabbits, not even, as explained in the answer. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  29. All of the people who live on earth they do breathing simultaneously.

  30. Hey guys! Did our riddles break your head? 😉

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