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5 Logical Puzzles That’ll Take Time to Crack

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Test your logical skills with these tricky brainteasers. Only the smartest people can solve these mind-blowing puzzles. These brainteasers would be easy and straightforward if it weren’t for all the conditions you have to take into account so that they don’t contradict each other. Are you ready for the challenge?

True colors 0:20
Magical land 1:43
A strict king and a clever merchant 3:03
Who’s the murderer 4:44
Which box is the toy car in? 6:42

-Can you figure out what color shirt each man is wearing?
-How many lions and sheep will you find when you come back if you leave the animals alone for some time?
-Figure out how did the merchant manage to escape without being killed by the sharpshooter.
-You have 20 seconds to solve the murder case.
-Find the toy car in one of the 3 boxes.

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  1. 2/5 correct answers only.
    honest answers:
    1. I was thinking that Mr. red (white shirt) is talking to Mr. blue (red shirt), which was in the riddle so the one who is not talking or not being spoken to is Mr. white (blue shirt). IT IS A CORRECT ANSWER.
    2. The riddle was tricky, I did not think that the lions wanted to remain the king of the jungle, so I just say it's 0 lions and 10 sheep. IT IS A WRONG ANSWER.
    3. I thought that the person who is escaping would just hide after 5 mins. then after another 5 mins, he would go again. IT WAS A WRONG ANSWER.
    4. What confused me that as if it would be a tricky question or not, It says that the murderer is Jack's brother so I just say it's Jack's brother. IT WAS A WRONG ANSWER.
    5. I've seen a video that has the question and the solution too, I thought of that so I say that 2 has the toy car and only 3 is telling the truth. IT WAS A CORRECT ANSWER

    this took me so long so please don't delete this comment.

  2. maybe some lions have an existential crisis and after seeing one lion turning to a sheep they also would like to turn into one? maybe these rational lions are sick of being the authority of all the animals and would love some lazy grass-eating life. just maybe.

  3. The sheep and lion conclusion is in correct.
    The only answer is no lions and one sheep.
    You posed that the lions are logical. Therefore being that there is no other food source
    available to the lions, in this puzzle, then they will either all die from starvation or they will eat the sheep. Either way you end up with no lions and one sheep.
    Unless, of course, they all eat the sheep together, turn into sheep themselves and graze on the grass.


  5. The man will go in 5 mom and act like he is coming

  6. Umm we would have to know the morality system and logic that the lions would use to know what they would do in question two. We can’t just assume that just because they are “rational” means that they would subscribe to one belief system.

  7. The way Problem #5 was stated was rather confusing. Might've been better to label the boxes with 1,2,3 and the assertions with A,B,C. At first, it kind of sounded like there was some connection between each box and assertion.

  8. #2 MAGIC LAND: Though lions are smart, but the magical ship's magic would only last on the lion that ate it. Other lions could eat it. Means that the animation would prove to be misleading?

  9. I stopped at question #2. In the presentation of the riddle, you showed continuous gobbling of lion-turned sheep. Now the deciding answer to the riddle is when will it all stop? And I don;t think it is logical to conclude that lions don't want to become sheep if they are intelligent.

  10. logic puzzles are based on mathematical deduction which some of these puzzles CLEARLY ARENT

  11. Dude it says the murderer went with a leg amputation. Why was that even a thing if it showed you

  12. The only really logical puzzles are the "True colors" and the "Box with the toy car".
    The "Who's the murderer" doesn't tell you that Michael is the one killed.
    The other ones rely on nonsense ("Lions and magic", "A bridge guarded 24/7 and well lit…")

  13. I'm pretty sure number 1 has two answers since you can shift the shirts left or right.

  14. #3 i was thinking about the trick were you steal a item by secretly picking it off the shelf then try to return it but since you don’t have the receipt they say you cant and then you leave with it.

  15. The merchant and the murderer ones were really tricky.

  16. I dont see the logic of the third riddle. Just doesnt seem explained well.

  17. What does this music remind me off? Steveee who is that?

  18. Even a logical lion can get illogical if it's hungry enough. Also, a logical mind might also wonder if ONLY that first sheep was magical and that the first lion is just an ordinary sheep now. If all sheep had that magic, Narnia would be overrun with sheep because they'd have very few natural predators.

  19. Man I’m on the bridge one and if they hit me with a “he was the king” imma snap

  20. Riddle 2 is incorrect. When n is even the sheep is safe and when n is odd the sheep is eaten. Thus when there are 10 lions the sheep is safe

  21. This is not what logic is. This is what a nine-year-old thinks logic is.

  22. almost 1m views but only 8k likes
    obviously riddle by watching video wont work

  23. The lion and sheep question. As to the way it was asked, The answer is ONE SHEEP. The lions are not that intelligent. They will get hungry and eat the sheep.

  24. Problem 3. “Only with paper work”…not anymore!!!

  25. And who's to say that the man in the white shirt wasnt talking to himself when he said 'you're right'

  26. 4: I'd go to city hall and pull Jack's records, and find out the name of his brother or brothers. Or I'd just ask Jack

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