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42 School Logic Game Answers

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In this video, I reveal the answers to the 42 school exam’s logic game section. This video is meant to help students who are preparing to take the exam and want to see how the answers are arrived at.


  1. I stopped at level 4. Can someone retake this test again please?

  2. level 11, what does coloring the functions mean?

  3. I want to attempt the exam. Can anybody please explain how it works?

  4. So I haven't attempted this logic game before. I don't know how it works, all I know is it's a logic game.All the videos I've seen on it are only just recording the game play.No one is actually talking to explain the game or something????

  5. Can someone use mobile phone to play this game one doesn’t has a laptop?

  6. Can someone please tell how to tackle these puzzle I didn't get

  7. Thanks for sharing! what's the name of this game? they seem interesting, but I don't understand that actually the game can not run up according to your instruction, becaue the block color of function must be equal to background block.

  8. Lvl 10 feels like cheating… why did the instructions accumulate like that? That wouldn’t happen in a real function call
    Edit: Nevermind, I got it later. The call is recursive so the execution of f0 on each level is waiting for the recursive call to finish so it can proceed with the remaining instructions. I was just not expecting recursiveness to show up in this game. Very clever!

  9. Is there instructions on how to play this game, I'm totally new to this and understand nothing at all

  10. I was stuck at level 7… it was a such an easy solution I'm so mad

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