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3 Essentials for LSAT Logic Games – Diagramming Strategies

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In this video we discuss three essential elements for all LSAT logic game diagrams and how to go about identifying them and setting them up. Follow up videos and the practice questions are available in the Free trial LSAT course at


  1. The difference between the two nuances of numbers led some cultures to develop two sets of names for numbers.

    Cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers.

  2. Its kinda funny how many ways I can apply these logic games to every day life.. Planning a party, running errands, paying bills… all sorts of shit. Being able to apply concepts to relative events can really help clarify things!

  3. I had one problem that had 3 groups, the first and third having 2 places, the second having three. I arranged my diagram as such:
    1 2 3
    _ _ _
    _ _ _

    Blank lines, just like he said 😀 So he wasnt necessarily saying to put everything in a linear order, but rather to use lines as the places to mark your characters.

  4. k that didnt work, the last line should be under the 2… but you get the idea lol

  5. Logic isn't something you can memorize upon, but one can expect to have greater strides in answering these after applying these games.

  6. LOL cracking up about the comments about his appearance. Get in the zone guys!!

  7. If you aren't already analytic/logical enough to mentally organize simple ideas into a coherent structure you may be able to memorize your way through the LSAT with a lot of practice but you're going to have a really hard time in law school!

  8. I get confused immediately when he went from 6 spaces to 5. How did the clown totals go from 1st – 6th to 1st – 5th???? That's why logic games are so confusing, there's no consistency.

  9. Exactly. It is something that someone develops over time, it can't be learned overnight.

  10. I've been using another LSAT prep book that claimed to be the best out there and its only made made my brain hurt to try to remember all the rules, and I haven't even finished the section on linear, one-to-one relationship games! I feel like the book is trying to teach me advanced calculus, starting from how to add one plus one. If learning to do logic games takes me as long as it did to learn math, I should have started preparing years earlier. Do you know of simpler methods to solve these games, or do most methods require memorizing so many diagraming rules and set ups and inferences etc. If so then maybe I am just not cut out for the LSAT.

  11. hi there! I just want to say a massive thank you for your videos- they truly are useful and serve as a wonderful guide! Sincerely appreciate your time and generosity in uploading them!

  12. Do you think time or accuracy is most take takers issues? I feel like it's easy to answer these questions, but there's no way i'm doing it in 9 minutes. 

  13. This is excellent LSAT advice.  I used to be an LSAT tutor myself, but don't think I could have explained it this well.  My channel focuses on law school advice, both for prospective and current students, so anyone interested please check it out and subscribe!

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  15. This is a "too easy" game. I scored a 175, and it's funny how the logic is really about focus. 1 variable is almost the same as 3 variables. But like it is shown, focus shrinks as variables increase.

  16. Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals says:

    Thank you for the tips.

  17. This section of the exam should be abolished!

  18. it bothers me he doesnt like stright into the camera

  19. Wow that was horrible. Ten minutes for a guy to tell me to make lines and write entity names as abbreviations as opposed to discussing any rules or even game types. Terrible!

  20. Hi Alpha Score,
    I'm not sure how to solve my problem but here's my issue. As a small business owner I have prided myself on being the guy in every group who thinks outside the box and finds solutions that no one else may have thought of; I tend to think about problems in very unorthodox ways. Having based my identity around thinking like this, I have real issues when it comes to thinking inside the box, specifically with a test like the LSAT, a test that only rewards thinking inside the box. How can I go about learning to think more inside the box?

  21. "Egbert" was really the first "E" name to come to mind…?

  22. Jokes on you, the hardest section of the test for me is all of them.

  23. Note, this video only covers Sequencing (order, ranking, etc) games with additional hybrid addons such as matching or distribution. It doesn't cover process logic games or unconventional such are round table/spoke wheel logic games. While the concept of identifying entities and placeholders (sketch) is covered and is paramount to solving games in the allotted time. A fair introduction video.

  24. Anyone have the answers to the question he showed?

  25. This was super helpful, thank you 🙂

  26. Isn’t frequency is basically the rules ?

  27. this is just a guy reading what a book would tell you

  28. Him “your entities are persons, places and things”.
    Me: “um, so they’re nouns?” 😂

  29. The Order of The Galactic Hospitallers says:

    I hate the lsat! Society really discriminates against stupid people. I’m really starting to turn into a communist. Communism (in theory) doesn’t discriminate against peoples’ mental capacities

  30. The most important section on the LSAT is How to Quickly and Most Efficiently Identify and Weed Out Black and Hispanic Potential Plaintiff Clients

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