7-Second Riddles
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These easy math puzzles with answers turn out to be a big challenge for those whose mind is not used to work. These riddles and brain teasers will test your logic and will improve your IQ level:

00:14 – Easy math puzzles to smoothly start your brain workout. Btw, kids solve this in seconds (it took me more than 10 minutes, I’m definitely an old soul).
02:05 – Odd one out – Logic puzzles.
These easy picture puzzles for kids and logic puzzles with answers will test the sharpness of your brain. Technically, they are super easy, but in reality they break heads of many teachers (test your parents and see if they get it. I suspect they will fail).
03:06 – Mind bending riddles with answers to test your logic outside the box.
04:05 – Cool tricks – Easy math games.
Cool tricks and math games that will teach you how to measure time in any unusual circumstances, of course if you get how it works😜 Before the secret is revealed, you will have to rack your brain hard and try to find it out by yourself. Feel free to manipulate the hourglasses as you wish, just do not break them😁 Even if you fail to do this, don’t blame yourself as this task is a really tough one only 10% of people can crack!
06:36 – Text riddles with answers – Quiz questions in English.
A set of tricky text riddles or quiz questions that will make you stretch your brain and use 100% of your creativity and sense of humor! The questions may seem difficult, but actually you don’t need any special knowledge, only your logic and ingenuity🤓 What’s more, your knowledge in sciences won’t help you at all! Are you ready to challenge your brain and test your ability to think logically? Ready, steady, go!
08:05 – Easy math puzzle games for kids.
This math puzzle will force your brain to think (which is good, right?)! The question is easy, but it will take all your brain to find the answer (or just wait till the time is up and see the answer 😅)
09:21 – Visual puzzles – Big challenges.
Cool visual puzzles testing how well you know these famous brands which seem to have been with us our whole life! However, some of them were founded much earlier that the others. Can you find out which of the two rivals is the pioneer and which one is its successful competitor? You don’t need any special knowledge at al, just use your memory 100% and it will prompt an answer! A short puzzle with answers to warm up your brain and give you some interesting facts!
11:59 – Unusual riddle to test your brain outside the box.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the second set of riddles (02:05) and whether these math puzzles for kids were too easy/difficult for you.

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  1. I did the same as you and my answer was also 70 😎😎😎


  3. I think the first one is wrong because when you say divide 30 by half actually means you have to multiply and then add ten and if you get confused when it says half thirty by 2 then .you divide

  4. Task with sand watches: start both watches at same time. Whenever 7 minutes fill up, turn it around, for anti-clockwise running. 11 minutes will still run, and 7 minutes watch will be 4 minutes in advance the moment 11 minutes watch end up filling to top. When bring 7 minutes watch to starter position once again => to let 4 min. in advance flow back to complete mass. When ever 7 minutes remaining mass will flow back to complete mass we are going to have: 11 + 4 = 15. Seems hard to find solution at first, but if time not ticking, It took me like 2-3 minutes to find the solution. Every person thinks within one's own pace. I do not tolerate ticking tasks because it's bullshit. Not the way people should be examinated most of time. It's not a algorithms for first aid!

  5. রিফাহ আর্শিয়া হাসান says:

    The answer is 18

  6. So many wrong answers that most people will be dumber after this video.

  7. The hourglass one seems to be wrong😕
    First we let the 7 minutes be over then we turn the big hourglass again with the sand of 7 minutes which passed then when all the sand falls down then it will be 7 monutes again. So 7+7= 14 …..not 15??😓

  8. hourglass is wrong…the correct answer is to start both at the same time…when the 7 runs out of sand,turn it over…then,when the 11 runs out,turn over the 7 again,because there will be 4 minutes of sand dropped,and when that runs out,you have 15 minutes

  9. 4 triangles. u have mentioned. traingle singular.
    triangles plural.
    pls make note off it

  10. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ye total 10 digit hai ab aap yeh batao ki in 10 sabhi number par kitane kitane number lagaye ki sabhi number par lage digit Ka yog is number me se Kisi bhi Sankhya par lage number ko 9se multiple karne par addition = multiplication equl aaye
    Note Kisi bhi sankhya par koi bhi number laga sakte hai par addition=multiplication. Are equal Hona chahiye Jo BHI muje yeh anshwer batayega me use 10000 rs iname dunga please help for solve this puzzle.

  11. I know the answer of the thumb nail when it said 1+9+8 cuz one is spelled o-n-e but one starts with o and nine starts with n and eight starts with e

  12. 5L + 3L = 8L,, 8L/2 = 4L. I mean just fill both jars exactly half. Add the little one in bigger one. That's it.

  13. 1 + 9 + 8 = 1
    Wanna know how
    Take 1 and 9 and 8 and spell them now put the first letter of 1 and 9 and 8 together it spells one

  14. Choose the correct answer:
    2515 = 0
    1018 = 3
    3333 = 0
    7777 = 0
    8809 = 6
    5536 = 1
    1111 = 0
    3529 = 1
    9612 = 2
    9612 = 2
    6666 = 4
    7821 = 2
    3710 = 1
    1515 = 0
    2222 = 0
    2811 = ?

  15. according to 7sec riddles 7+7 equals 15! great stuff …

  16. 7+7÷7+7×7-7=?
    Oh I just thought the answer was eight because multiplication always comes before addition.
    So I thought I'd count it like this:
    And my answer was 8.
    But then I realized the answer was actually "50" due to Bright Side.

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