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Increase your logical skills with these vampire riddles and logic puzzles with answers! These puzzles and brain games with answers are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score and a well-trained brain! Tricky riddles and brain teasers will help you improve your critical thinking ability. So if you feel bored or exhausted, try these cool riddles to wake up and test your brain:

00:14 – A mysterious and thrilling riddle to warm up your brain and lighten your mood, because this riddle is really fun (though it’s scary a bit, so don’t probably watch it at night🧛‍♂️)! You will need to recollect everything you know about vampires (Twilight is OK) to make your choice quickly and save your life. So, arm yourself with your logic and sense of humor and you will survive this night!
01:42 – A mind-blowing brain puzzle that will test your logic and analytical skills. Find out who is the kidnapper before the time is up!
03:06 – Who is the vampire? It’s a set of short picture puzzles to test your attentiveness to the details! Try to solve as many of them as possible!
04:46 – This crime riddle with answer is for the smartest and the most attentive ones only! The mission seems almost impossible because the criminal ran away without a trace and no one even saw his (or her?!) face. But a true detective will surely notice one small detail that totally changes the whole story. Will you find it?
06:04 – A mysterious riddle with answer that will test your intuition and survival skills. No, it has nothing to do with magic, your sharp mind and logic are the only things you need. Will you choose the safe way or get lost and die? Let’s see! Just don’t lose your temper as there is a solution for every situation in your life. Let me know which way you chose and why? A riddle with answer to stretch your brain and test your sense of humor!
07:01 – A set of tricky text riddles to challenge your brain and make you sweat hard while watching the video! You need to have a perfect logic and brilliant associative thinking skills to crack them all before the time is over. If you can cope with them without pausing the video even a time, this proves you’re among the most intellingent and quick-minded people. If not, don’t get upset! They are riddles with answer, so you’ll have a chance to challenge your friends later on!
08:16 – A fun picture puzzle to test your logic and boost your brain! How can you identify who the vampire is? What tips do you know? Stretch your brain with this simple visual test and let me know your result!
09:31 – A nice ‘crime riddle’ that has to be solved before Christmas! (or Santa won’t bring any presents to this house)🎅 You will have to question all family members, and I bet they have already come up with good alibies! Pay attention to the smallest details to bring the culprit down; he or she will have to make another Christmas dinner instead of the one eaten and I believe they will invite you to share it😉
10:56 – A creepy and mysterious riddle that will make your blood freeze in your veins! It’s a challenge that will show if you survive this little adventure or stay there forever as a new ghost. You will have to think REALLY QUICKLY and use your perfect logic to decide which door you should enter. There is only one right answer! Well, good luck, my friend, may the force be with you😈

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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  1. Why do you always have to do comments

  2. Who loves vampire write in the comments

  3. Who loves vampires write in the comments

  4. 3:11 The waiter because his eyes are red and he was avoiding sun….

  5. 5:37 The guy cannot wear ring cause he was wearing gloves

  6. 8:22 The 3rd Guy was drinking blood so he is the Vampire

  7. It is riddles it is not gacha life. Please stop talking about gacha life 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  8. First comments answer is that a man in water has blood on his leg so he is vampire

  9. Hmmmmmmmm😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😣😣😣😣😣😑

  10. The guys with umbrella laying on carpet blue

  11. The blue girl is the vampire because she has an umbrella ☂

  12. It’s the guy with the skateboard cause he has no arms

  13. 🤗✌✌🎙✌✌✌❤❤❤❤🎚🏀👾😷🕪👺🍟🏵 can you solve this riddle

  14. The one under the umbrella
    He is avoiding sunlight

  15. The one holding a skateboard but it has no arms riddle 6

  16. i love how they did not mentioned that vampires are sensitive to heat

  17. at the beach i think it is under the umbrella beacause it is afraid of the sun

  18. Blue bikini lady cuz she is the only 1 with a parrossoul

  19. 12:27 Dragons are mythical creatures and they do not exist you can simply go through the door and save the gun and the bullet

  20. Ans is the person with a blue mat with umbrella..It is avoiding the sun

  21. oh my goood! COMMENTS lots of time. boring!

  22. Second one or maybe third one the third one because vampire hates silver

  23. 🧛‍♂️🦇🧛‍♂️wolf 🐺

  24. the first riddle the silver coins have the same problem as the lens as it has to do with how natural light reflects off the silver to weaken them but does not actually hurt the vampire.
    the second riddle doesn't work as a vampire would need permission to enter someone's home.

  25. the lady who is with the umbrella is a vampire because she is avoiding the sunlight

  26. Thumbnail: Who is the vampire? Leave your thoughts in the comments below 😉

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