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7-Second Riddles
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Riddles, fun brain games, crime riddles 🕵️‍♂️ and so much more to challenge your mind to its limit and beyond! 😍 Our brain tends to operate on autopilot more with age and the best way to wake it up and force work is by solving brain teasers or quiz questions! 🧠 Enjoy!

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  1. You know i knida miss where the riddles are like stories and what about the dungeon game

  2. 6th WTH HOW1
    Edit: actually 7th lol

  3. In the riddle who is the alien, the 1st is of terminator

  4. Can 7SR stop uploading while I am sleeping..

  5. Answers – There r 2 time travelers. One is the guy in the car and the one opposite the telephone booth. Honestly, this brings back memories of Back to the Future 3 and Harry Potter.

  6. 1:21 or they could also pick door A because there in their space suits and they cant smell the gas…

  7. Ur making the time travelers puzzles too obvious to spot very easy

  8. nathan the wedge snowplow train & friends says:

    Door no.2 cant just door no.1 the gas won't kill the astronauts you know they had space helmets you know

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