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15 Logic Puzzles For The Most Attentive 1% Only

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Here is a set of 15 logic puzzles, trivia, and tests for the most attentive 1% only 😉 If you want to keep yourself thinking and improve your logical skills then try to solve these tricky riddles! Some of them will be super easy and some of them will make you do some hard thinking 😉 Let’s see how fast can you solve these.

00:14 – These detective riddles will test your deduction skills, Sherlock! All you need to do is to look at these pictures and realize who is the criminal who should be kept away! This crime riddle will also test your ability to observe the surrounding environment and spot what’s wrong. Maybe somebody will be grateful to your keen eye one day!
01:53 – This set of puzzles is created by life itself. It will test how quickly you can think in a dangerous situation and if you can find creative ways out of troubles. To solve these puzzles, you will need to think outside the box. Even if a situation seems to be critical and you are in deadlock, there is always at least one solution. Useful puzzles to train your brain (and muscles) and teach you essential life hacks!
04:29 – Are you smart enough to crack these cool party tricks? Use your mind power and logic to reveal their secrets and find out the technique. Just remember that the solution is always simple and obvious and has nothing to do with magic! After watching this video, you can go and impress your friends (but don’t tell them how you do this!)
05:55 – Let’s see if you can pass the FBI special test which only the smartest and most attentive candidates can crack! As an FBI agent, you would have to go off book and decide really quickly relying only on your eyes and common sense. That’s why you’re offered to train using this picture puzzle. Imagine that one of them is the criminal you’re chasing and the other one is the kid’s father, just a civilian. If you arrested the wrong one, the criminal would escape holding the kid hostage. What would you do?
07:07 – This trivia quiz will test how good your imagination is because it’s impossible to answer this question using only logical thinking (if you found the answers, you’re probably a veterinarian or just genius). Well, I still can’t believe these fearsome animals can look so cute and defenseless! Let’s see how many of them will guess!
09:20 – A popular riddle on making the right choice! This cool detective riddle will remind you once again that even when you think that you’re trapped and it’s not possible to make the right choice, don’t despair, go over the available information and you’ll find that one way to make everything perfect! This popular riddle on escape will make you say “WOW!” ✌
10:36 – A set of short tricky text puzzles for you to warm up your brain and boost your logical skills!
12:30 – This picture riddle will test not only your mind power level, but will also reveal some surprising facts about your inner state. Look closely at the pictures and pick up the family that seems fake to you. You may not believe it, but your choice can tell a lot about your past that affect your life now. Isn’t it astonishing? Tell me if it said the truth about you!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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  1. Thumbnail: Which one isn't a real family? Test your intuition with this picture puzzle 😉 Don't forget to share your answer in the comments below!

  2. Yey now I can pick lock every house ty 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈


    The family on the left is not a family.

  4. Solve this riddle
    Who is the best YouTuber
    A) PewDiePie
    B) Gaming lemon
    C) 7 second riddles
    D)Troom Troom

    If you choose 7 second riddles you are correct.

  5. Nice job keep up the subscribers you have😁

  6. How can a snake be born from the mums tummy… it’s supposed to be in the eggs

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