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Alright, get excited! I got for you some nice logic games and riddles that will help you activate both sides fo your brain! A high IQ is nothing without a pinch of creativity and a teaspoon of humanity, right? So these cool riddles will cover all these fields:

00:14 – This crime riddle will warm up your brain right away. Listen to this guy carefully, because something doesn’t match in his story! If you figure out what doesn’t match, you’ll crack this crime riddle wide open! Enjoy this easy riddle before moving on to the main brain workout (this is the only easy riddle in this compilation).
01:42 – Aw, what an amazing and fun logo quiz to take to kick your creative side right into….. you know what I mean, right?! These fun brain games you will never see anywhere else, but here on 7-Second Riddles Channel! These fun brain games will test your creativity and ability to think outside the box and beyond ordinary things. This is a great brain exercise to activate your mind and imagination.
03:34 – Yay! Sherlock and Watson has joined our community of riddle solvers and now they will be training your brain together with me 🙂 Enjoy this funny riddle which is also a nice riddle for a good brain workout.
04:39 – A tricky survival riddle where you have only one chance to get away alive! Do save your life, you will have to rack your brain hard and come up with a really ingenious solution as the guards will show no pity at all. Take your time and think well, you can even pause the video to think a little bit more and don’t let them confuse you!
05:59 – A mysterious crime riddle that shocked public opinion just before the World Cup! We need you, Sherlock, to avoid a public scandal; we have to solve this case as soon as possible. You will need to carefully question all the suspects and collect the evidences. The problem is that we’re short of time and we can’t draw much attention to this crime. Can you save the reputation of the host country before it’s too late? You will need all your brain power to solve this task and we believe in you! A crime riddle with answer to challenge your mind and make you use all your talents🤓
07:11 – This blood-freezing survival riddle will show how quick-minded and ingenious you are (if not enough, then you are unlikely to survive, sorry). Only your logic and critical thinking can help you win this unfair game and defeat the malicious scientist, but you need to hurry as you’re running short of time! Will you become another hapless victim or finally put an end to his wicked games?
08:33 – Test your logical thinking with this tricky riddle and find out if your mind is still young and sharp or you need to exercise it a bit more! The most important is avoid overthinking, because the most efficient solution is always obvious. They say if you want to hid something, hide this in plain sight and this really work. Let’s see who will be able to find the easiest and most effective solution! A tough riddle with answer to keep your brain fit!
10:05 – Who is the killer? – Crime riddle.
This tricky crime riddle will test your analytical skills! Look, the evidence that directly points to the killer is right there, left behind by the victim. All you need to do is to check the crime scene, spot all the details and process the information. This tricky riddle won’t trick those with perfect logic, but will be a big challenge for those who is used to operate on autopilot.
11:12 – This hard riddle will test your moral standards as you will have to take the hardest choice ever! Think clearly and tell me what you would choose in this case.
12:24 – Oh, I understand that taking selfies is real thing and can help you become famous….some people work hard to take the best selfies out there….but there is a limit somewhere, right?! This trend is getting seriously dangerous! This a riddle taken from real life!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS, would you take selfies if you were them (12:24)? Who is more stupid here? The girl or the guy?

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  1. You are foolish….You need to go to . university….

  2. the lion one is a lie. it was a lion getting treatment in a hospital but someone photoshopped it

  3. does it make me a cry baby if the train one made me cry

  4. At 12:24 the one that is more stupid is the man. If you see a bear in real life, you can play dead and the bear will go away. But with volcanos, once they errupt, you can't stop the volcanos untill they stop. A volcanos is also MUCH more dangerous than a bear.

    If you think this is the right answer, please subscribe to my channel! (not mandatory)

  5. The first riddle is nonsense. The boy was arrested because he looked at his neighbor's house to look for the so-called disaster (at least there's witness) He was arrested because the fog is inside? Whattt?? Is that a violation? Is that against the law? Wth

  6. 1:30 they didnt say that the fog was inside the house

  7. Hey please don't write comments yes i know that riddles means asking questions but you also give answer in next new video please do it

  8. B is more stupid. Screenshot clicks can scare bears.

  9. I would get my son out and then pull the lever then tell my son that that was a stupid idea


  11. who are you and which work do you do?

  12. go away telled princess and will you marry me telled suitor

  13. B is more stupid because he was taking picture near the erupting volcano

  14. The first one was too easy Cuz I try to unfog things from the outside anyway.

  15. Answer is to run quickly say something in train before is going to sarfice kid

  16. My son then ill save the innocent people……please LIKE if you AGREED😅

  17. I would save my son first and pull the emergency lever near the rails so both of them are gonna saved.

  18. If I were in his situation I will definitely save my son as fast as I could I would pull him safely and then pull the emergency lever down in this way I can save my son and those people inside the train it's just the matter of speed and faith 😉

  19. Suicide… In Heaven You will see his son XD

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