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14 Mystery Riddles and Logic Puzzles To Test Your Intelligence

7-Second Riddles
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14 best mystery riddles, crime puzzles and logic puzzles that will test how intelligent you are. If you struggle, then you should start doing more brain workout (solving riddles, reading books, working on math puzzles). TELL US IN THE COMMENTS the answer to the last logic riddle (the easiest one) 🙂

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  1. 3 saal se bhukha lion mar jayega so door no 2

  2. why is that lion thing in so many of your videos? I've watched ten so far and it's been in half of them.

  3. None of the doors are safe. There's a massive fire mere feet away.

  4. Because the lion was 3 year hungry so hi was die

  5. And why the hell cant a person that has a cast shop for clothing?He still needs to wear something.

  6. 9:33 his son’s birthday

    Edit: “a man with the cast” omg that is only one of the errors I’ve found

  7. 2nd answer is if the window was broken from the outside pieces of glass be on the floor

  8. 7:33 The frog was holding the neck. The frog could have strangled the bird to death

  9. It didn't mention or shown whether Jane or Mary had ice cubes in their glass.

  10. It's alarming that people think you have to try on a coat to buy it. Who doesn't know their own size?

  11. Detective Slylock Fox riddles from the newspaper cartoon section! It's been years old friend.

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