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Modern games have made huge strides when it comes to rendering graphics, and AAA games nowadays use ray tracing, photogrammetry, and motion capture to deliver worlds that don’t look all too different from real life. But an area where games still have a long way to go is imitating real-life logic, as even modern releases are guilty of featuring nonsensical game logic that would leave anyone with a weak imagination scratching their heads at the absurdity of it all.

We’re talking about instances like characters being able to see enemies through walls, or being able to recover from fatal wounds within seconds, and much more. With this feature, we will be looking at 10 such instances of video game logic that make no sense whatsoever.


  1. Video game conventions and logic is all part of the charm.😃

    I still miss the days you beat up an enemy and a cooked turkey pops out and fills your "life bar."

  2. One logic that doesn't make sense is how characters put everything behind their back. Idol needed to complete a puzzle? Just put it behind your back. Are they shoving it up their behind or what?!😆🤣

  3. That's why people enjoy games, it's called fantasy lol

  4. I sometimes like it when logic makes no sense.

  5. Metal Gear Solid Guard: HUH? What was that noise?! A cardboard box??? Hm. walks away

  6. incredibly dumb claims
    it's a games, they supposed to be fun

    you want a real life fight experience?
    go to war

  7. The grammar in this video title should make the list

  8. My biggest gripe is when a character can clearly do something that the video game doesn’t allow them to do. Like not being able to go through big openings. Let’s say there’s a chest that’s blocked by two big pillars but the space between them is so big you can just walk through them. But they want you to push a button or something. Also Resident Evil where you can clearly kick a door open or shoot the lock or many other things to get around. But yeah I love video games.

  9. He sounds so nervous when he speaks almost like he's trying to hold his breath and talk at the same time. Relax dude

  10. I think a lot of AI are dumbed to make the gamers give them a false sense of achievement. Making them too hard or too smart would make the games less enjoyable to a lot of people.

  11. Except a single gun shot isn't always fatal.

  12. This list honestly sucks and should just be called we're unnecessarily over thinking, of course your character can take hundreds of hits it's called a game you want to have fun, if you got hit one time like in real life and that's it most people wouldn't play it outside of masochist. And for a narrative to exist in a game with death someone has to die at some point. What is this G.I. Joe?¿?

  13. Don't think too hard in Video Game Logic.

  14. My response to a lot of these critiques is something along the lines of: "Dude, it's a GAME!! If you're obsessed with a simulated experience, stick with simulations……"

  15. In Metal Gear: Snake Eater, guards who stumbled on guards sleeping on the ground after shot with the tranq gun will think nothing of it, and just move on.

  16. "Laws of physics be damned"
    – Deadpool about double jumping in his own game

  17. I think the special vision in the last of us is supposed to simulate Joel's sense of hearing as as players we don't know exactly where sound comes from in the screen they represent what he is hearing and what and where his brain picture it is

  18. 7:10 I do like that Naughty Dog finally addressed this issue around Uncharted 4's release and explained that it isn't Nate being hurt and regenerating, but the indicators that pop up are to help you pinpoint the enemies firing on you, and Nate dying was a result of his luck running out and being fatally wounded.

    Edit: Of course, I pause the video there to talk about this and not even 15 seconds later you guys actually address this exact thing.

  19. Most of them make complete sense, we're still talking about video games here, right?

  20. One is when you’re fighting a colossal giant boss and doing hits to something like their arm repeatedly will kill them just bc their HP goes to 0 even tho you’re like the size of a fly to them

  21. When reality becomes tedious it takes away the fun.

  22. I think it is important to remember that gameplay mechanics are not supposed to simulate reality as we know it 1:1. Gameplay elements are supposed to be exaggerated. They are supposed to bend the rules of physics so that the gameplay is fun and exciting. An intelligent developer will always skew the balance in favour of fun than realism and a developer who is trying to look intelligent will always favour realism over fun.

  23. 3:03 is the one that makes sense

    There has to be a better way lol

  24. what gets me the most is ..i have a rocket launcher i have a grenade ..why do i need a key to open this door

  25. I'm just gonna use some of the same logic used in this video to bash "games". The most logic-defying thing about video games is that the game's characters can't go around, move or do anything without us controlling them. In the real world, people move on their own. So AAA games should make games in which characters are conscious and can go around freely without any players controlling their movements. Oh and the most ridiculous thing is the game environment is made up of pixels. AAA games should make games in which everything is made of atoms and molecules. I've had enough of 2D pixels. And the worst thing is the existence of environments, characters, timelines, etc that do not exist in the real world. Everything should be as real as possible.🤭

  26. What game was shown in 0:43 seconds of the video?
    Someone help

  27. Slow day at the office? This was the dumbest & most pointless video in a long time. It's a video game ffs, not real life.

  28. -Is double jump possible with the laws of physics we know?
    -Shows examples from fictional settings with in-game justifications for double jumps

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