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10 Tricky Riddles and Logic Puzzles To Sharpen Your Brain

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If you are a Genius, can you solve this puzzle? So, test your ingenuity and knowledge with these top 10 amazing riddles and puzzles that 90% fail to answer.

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Featured List: 10 Tricky Riddles and Logic Puzzles to Sharpen Your Brain
00:17 – Short Picture Puzzle.
If you love to drive your car, then this puzzle should be a cake walk for you.

01:04 – Arithmetic Logical Puzzle
If you’re good in math, then you should definitely solve this in a jiffy! And for those who are not, you need to try this a bit harder.

02:21 – Picture Puzzle
This puzzle will test both your brain power as well as your observation skills.

03:07 – Puzzle to test how genius you are
This puzzle is for people who love to challenge their brain, and bring out the genius within you.

04:51 – Simple Arithmetic Puzzle
Once again a math puzzle, but this time it will also test how good can you handle your money.

07:06 – Simple Arithmetic Puzzle
Grab your evening coffee, sit out with your friends and get ready to do some math fun with your coffee cups.

08:13 – Picture Puzzle
After some serious puzzle solving, now let’s test your vision and brain together.

08:38 – Tricky Logical Riddle
Now this is a birthday problem, and if you go on to solve this one, then you are almost in the top 30% people, as it’s quite a tricky one.

09:36 – Short Picture Puzzle
This is a simple one to make you relax before the last tricky puzzle

10:06 – Puzzle that will make you a genius like Einstein
If you have a mental capacity to think beyond the scope, then give it a try to become the Genius you were meant to be.

So guys, were you the top 10% who passed this test?
Tell us in the COMMENTS the answer to the tricky puzzle from the THUMBNAIL: Who is the most stupid person who will fall?

Thanks for watching!


  1. So guys, how many of them did you got right?

  2. the timing part is useless because we can just pause that part and take an hour to figure it out 😂

  3. I don't get how the first puzzle is R when a gear shift doesn't have 2 on the top middle. And people wouldn't think of that as cars tend to have 6 gears with R being before 1st gear.

  4. I stopped watching after the first puzzle because the gear shift does not look like the puzzle image so that's clearly wrong.

  5. For the cups and coins, I think put one cup into another one can be a solution.

  6. At the last one there are more possibilities

  7. What? Literally no gear stick in the world has pattern 1-4-2-5-3-R! This is sooooooo stupid!

  8. Not smart! The first riddle cannot be R because no gear liver in a manual transmission car reads 12345 it rather reads just as in the picture you showed. So rather you're not smart. Dislike for you

  9. The gears question is incorrect. . Because it was not asking
    1 3 5
    2 4 ?

  10. I can divide the 10 coins so that each of the 3 cups has an odd number of coins in it.

  11. The 9 dots, you can also connect with 3 lines. Or just one line! Can you figure them out?

  12. When I was in 9th standard, my maths sir ask this question (the last one here), and I was the only to answer in a class of 40. He appreciated me, and suggested us to think out of box sometimes.

  13. On the first question I thought that the answer was 9

  14. I don't like the cups one I tried for at least 30 mins because I love maths and when I finally decided to play the video it tells me that their is no way ……… I probably would have laughed if they said cut the coin in half even if it wasted me a lot of time
    This part really sucked 😭 I just wanted to test my math skills 😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Should have realised not to look at this all I got was a headache

  16. And I thought the guys at facto fusion were really smart. Stupid first question.

  17. No. The stupidest person is 1. He even do nothing. 4 maybe see the other branch under him

  18. First-one-isn't-a-real-riddle-cause-it-only-works-if-you've-seen-a-gear stick-before

  19. Last puzzle is much simpler.. just make two diagonal lines and two lines touching the centres of each side of the square shape..

  20. I found a way to divide 10 coins in 3 cups with all cups having odd number of coins. Can anyone else figure it out or shall I reveal my solution?

  21. Thumbnail: Who is the most stupid?
    Me: nah i'd say they're all stupid to climb a tree with a saw in their hands

  22. The person who’s most stupid is the guy taking a picture instead of stopping them from making everyone fall

  23. Not me finding the strawberry before he even finished talking ans cant even find the milk in the fridge thats right in front of me

  24. Music in background to loud to understand what you are saying

  25. For the coins in a cup puzzle what you can do is, add 4+3+3 coins in each cups. Now put the cup containing 4 coins into the cup containing 3 coins. So in theory you will have a cup with 7 coins

  26. the background music is so loud that voice is not hearable

  27. Hello, but I have found a problem. In the 8th minute and 5th second of the puzzle, there are actually more solutions than none. You can put 1 coin in the third bottle, 2 coins in the second bottle, 7 coins in the first bottle, and put the first bottle IN the second bottle.
    First Bottle: 7 coins
    Second Bottle: 2+7=9 coins
    Third bottle: 1 coin
    There are a lot more solutions, but I am just giving 1 of them.

  28. First one was annoying. No gears in the world go in that order 🤦🏻‍♂️

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