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10 Logic Puzzles and Brain Teasers to Stretch Your Mind

7-Second Riddles
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Stretching and warming up your mind throughout the day keeps it sharp and healthy. Try to solve the simple 10 logic puzzles and brain teasers and share YOUR ANSWERs IN THE COMMENTS! 🙂

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  1. For the first popsicle riddle, you can do IV as 4 too

  2. Solved every one after 3 Gins and 4 beers….. bring it.

  3. The tea question is stupid. If you work in catering the spout is always on the bottom and the pot is full.

  4. Can someone tell me the answer to the one with the pig, snake, horse, eagle, duck etc. And why?

  5. Pls give ans of game 4digit code 16

  6. 1.) First of all, the 'tap' is the spigot. You mean to ask 'find the fastest set of pipes/tubes'…and if you really want to be technical, 'through which set of pipes will water come out first/soonest?' (We're not interested in the speed with which it comes out.)
    On top of that, based on the illustration the answer is 'whichever tap is delivering water with the highest pressure'…How fast water travels through pipes is determined by the sum of the forces acting on it and the force of the water pressure will outweigh (no pun intended) the force of gravity by so much that gravity will be virtually irrelevant (picture holding a garden hose in the shape of a U, like you were going to jump-rope with it). To eliminate the effect of water pressure, you need a static source, like a tank with a hole in it…and even then it has to be a very shallow tank or else the weight of the tank water will act like the 'pressure delivered by the tap' (does 'no pun intended' make sense now?).
    2.) We can only say which teapot can hold more tea. We have no way of knowing how much is in either pot.
    …I'm a ton of fun at parties 😜

  7. The 'AR TA GE CA LE VI LI' one was driving me nuts, so I googled it. The rest in the sequence are 'SC SA CA AQ PI' and they're the signs of the zodiac.

  8. they make these bloody easy puzzles because it attracts millions of clicks..

  9. These are so stupid. Theyre either too easy or have no context to solve it with

  10. First puzzle is totally wrong, as u started with the same amount of water

  11. IDK
    Doug maxwell and media right productions-Reggae wah
    silent partner-sleepy jake
    silent partner-whistling down the road

  12. I bring you another one:
    8/1/22/5 1 14/9/3/5 4/1/25 😀

  13. The 2nd answer Is Here. Pencil Is The Answer. Because, the lesser weght have more water. Pencil has lesser weight than dice, so pencil is correct

  14. I Got that, I saw with he only kangaroo have 2 legs, others have 4 legs

  15. 0:44 1st ans–> IV (Roman numeral of '4')

    2nd Ans–> 4 (Hindu-Arabic numeral)

  16. 2:14 Ans–> One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight… So next no. Would be Nine.

  17. The correct answers will be revealed here in the comments later! 🙂

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