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10 HARDEST Puzzles in Games You Definitely GOOGLED

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Some video game puzzles truly push your brain to the limits. Here are some of our favorite examples of difficult gaming puzzles.
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  1. About the Roblox game there is a game called find the chomik then you have to find them there is a hardest one and easy one and the hardest one has so many puzzle and you can get it if you are smart and good at obby

  2. The vault puzzle in the last wish raid in destiny 2 is a classic if anyone knows what I'm talking about

  3. I have 4 kids and I work 40 hours a week m'y time of gaming is vert limited so I dont want to put my only free Time on a puzzle maybe when I was I kid but those Day are over

  4. If I wanna solve puzzles I would buy that kinda game. Sorta like Catherine. Don’t put that shit in my hack and slash rpg.

  5. I usually give a video game puzzle 30-45 minutes before I google it due to wanting to move on with the story some games like little nightmares and 2 I won't google search it at all solving them feels awesome I'm still stuck on 2 😂

  6. An honerable mention goes to the whole „lucid nightmare“ mount riddle chain in WOW especially the maze part. It’s almost impossible to figure out on your own what’s going on AND then it’s different for every player even if you know what to do. You can’t get around drawing a map while you doing it. And even that can be really difficult. The whole process of people getting behind the whole riddle chain is worth a video on its own.

  7. The Pokémon X and y Furfrow puzzles stumped my little kid brain when I played that originally 💀

  8. I didn't google Small Space, Big Solution; once you figure out how to use the first few steps, it's pretty straightforward. I did google the fountain star in the base game 😀

  9. The Eyes of Ara is an indie 3D puzzle game that had a lot of challenging head-scratchers, but the concentric ring puzzle in the cellar was the worst (or best) of them.

  10. Seems to me number 1 isn't a True puzzle if it can't be solved.

  11. i remember sitting a whole half hour on that puzzle in Talos Principle … it was so damn hard i almost got angry.

  12. MODOK boss in ultimate alliance when I was a kid real life facts that not a lot of people know

  13. For the last 2, I felt like was listening and hearing words but I can't even recall what was said😅. U know a puzzle is hard when your brain makes a mental block from a 'simplified' explanation in a video.

  14. While not technically a puzzle, GoW Ragnarok's The Crater area definitely felt like a hedge maze.

  15. I completed Myst without a guide and didn't find it too challenging, but Riven was a different story. I was stumped by the animal puzzle in the moiety cave and the marble puzzle at the end. I hate giving up and it was only after months of trying to figure them out that I had to consult a guide. I think the animal puzzle, though obscure, may have come to me eventually but I would NEVER have worked out the marble puzzle solution on my own.

  16. There's this door puzzle in Mafia 3 dlc Sign of The Times that was hard to figure out. Basically tried it for a good ten minutes before googling

  17. The hardest pizzle game I ever played is the 7 guest for the pc

  18. How could you not include Braid ???

  19. PS1 the game Wildarms 1 the f**king 2 chest you need to open for the dungeon De la Metalica…..the hints gave you absolutely no clue about what to do……most likely a translation error? I was stuck for more than 6 months.

  20. La Mulana 2 expects you to solve a chant puzzle DURING the last boss fight. I died so many times because I thought I was supposed to be, y'know, fighting the boss. Regardless LM 2 is one of my fave games, but I can't pretend I didn't have to look a bunch of stuff up.

  21. Serpentine Tower puzzle from the mmorpg Tibia, it has not been solved yet, it has been 19 years since its release, and there has been an active community trying to solve it the whole time, always there is someone trying to solve the puzzle, and I believe people haven't even made a dent on solving the puzzle xd.

  22. I’m so glad the black monolith made it on here. It haunts me and I’m so glad I’m not just dumb 😂

  23. Did no one notice the subliminal messaging for Halo at the start of number two?

  24. I'm surprised that you didn't mention The Room games. there were some ridiculous puzzles in those games.

  25. portal, the ultimate puzzle solving game, although nothing was hard it could take half hour to solve something

  26. Let's be honest, I Googled nearly ALL of the puzzles in The Witness…

  27. Games are for relaxing. I have enough frustration at work.

  28. Believe it or not, my friggin Grandmother played Myst, she found it fascinating and said computer games (and game boy) kept her sharp. But that was indeed the one puzzle she really couldn't do and had to come to me for help. I helped her, and she literally couldn't understand how I did it

  29. i think you check out grim fandango, this game's puzzle are actually next level

  30. there could be a whole list of these just from the core/eidos era tomb raider games

  31. i fucking hate puzzles. Good watch though, but this shit is my nightmare

  32. Return of Scenic Pond is a worthy addition to this list. But there are harder puzzles in the game – it's just that most players don't even know they exist. And would nominate "The Backbone" from Steven sausage roll. It literally made me go "holy shit" when I realized what you had to do. And unlike some of the monstrosities on this list it's incredible simple – just a few elements and a few steps to complete.

    It's not that interesting to make a puzzle that takes 100 hundred steps, or relies on vague hidden clues. It takes true talent to create a puzzle where it's clear what the goal is, the solution is simple, but it's still hard to get to the answer.

  33. Lol I actually had to look up for the Sillent hill 3 puzzle on hard mode…was so frustrating

  34. Riven was harder than myst. Change my mind

  35. The trash can puzzle in pokémon, I still don't know if there's a way to solve it or if you just get lucky

  36. Oh yes, the Oldschool Runescape's elemental workshop 3 puzzle….. luckily that is not a thing 😅 (rs3 only)

    Also if it was, 99% of players would've used quest helper to do it anyway.

    Is this some kind of a running joke, cause its not the first time they've been mixed up.

  37. More than 15 years ago I played Mystic Quest on my Gameboy. I spent HOURS to find the 8 on the palms. The game was nice but that puzzle was tooooo hard

  38. i searched for a game puzzle only twice in my life the first was skyrim(didn't expect the combination to be in the claw)
    and the second was a darksiders 2 maze but every choice u take could either lead to the way out or stronger enemies

  39. Proud to say that I didnt have to Google any of these puzzles… I used Bing 😉

  40. Elemental workshop III is a runescape quest.

    Old school runescapr stopped at II because they are terrible.

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