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10 Game Concepts That DEFY LOGIC but are fun anyway

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Video games have many things you need often need to forgive in order to believe the illusion. Here are some funny examples.
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  1. To be honest, the cave lighting aspect could be handled in a lot of lore based ways. You could be required to bring a light and there could be reflective surfaces you need to clear that would shine that light around; if you don't make your own light, you won't have any. There can be various types of mushrooms or other underground life with bioluminescence that would provide light when disturbed, or when detecting your body heat; these could be any color or multiple colors, and so provide all kinds of atmosphere. They could even react differently to enemies or combat, making an area creepier or more suspenseful. There could be crystals in the wall that are similar; either they're charged by the light you bring, then fade slowly as you pass, or they glow in response yo your presence.

  2. I just thought of another one. In fallout you can pause the game in the middle of a firefight, like what do the raiders go " oh, well, yes please, take the time to scroll through your inventory to heal or equip another weapon. What's that? No, don't worry, we'll wait patiently." 🙂

  3. Yup. It took me a while to realize I can block anything that's not a special attack in Sekiro. That makes no sense, but fun.

  4. How about in Skyrim where you have to go through a dangerous dungeon to get a mcguffin, and then the exit is a feet away. I'm like, "Why didn't I just come in THAT WAY?!"

  5. Double jumps? We just gonna pretend they don't exist.

  6. How about how games where you have to save the world, but guards in most games can one shot you if you fuck with them. I'm like, why are you saving the world?

  7. This list is so fuckin funny 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. My favorite one are Grappling hooks, they are fun to use and a quick way to travel, but in reality that much force would rip your arms off.

  9. Logic in games…
    Where are you living, on planet Earth?

  10. Also how in most games you can run up or down stairs as quickly if you were running on a flat surface and just as quick, Because in the real world, running like that on stairs will always end up with you tripping on the stairs

  11. Sekiro is also a game where in medieval japan you can survive your hand being cut off and you don't die from bloodloss or horrible infections.

  12. I've often had the same thought about the light wells in caves. I think of them as shortcuts I'm just not allowed to use.

  13. Suspension of disbelief, theater of the mind, or just don't worry about it.

  14. 10:30 grandpa told me did this move all the time back in war

  15. The number 1 kinda seems flawed or am mistaken

  16. Pushes up nerd glasses Sephiroth pulls you into another realm where he causes the super nova to cause damage to you, there is something to how you are able to survive it and the natural order of things pop you back into reality, when the other reality blinks away from existence. Then again, kinda over the top?

  17. And double jumping. It defys physics so bad, how do you even think of putting it in a game.

  18. I saw someone pick up video footage of the almighty onimusha 3 and that makes me happy. One of my favorite series and probably my favorite one in the series, as well as holding one of my favorite actor Jean Reno in it.

  19. Number 8 makes me think that a top 10 Boss Ultimate Moves would be a cool video

  20. I think you missed the most obvious one : Double Jump

  21. Sephiroth destroys the solar system and I don't blink…now…when that bitch turns my party into frogs.

  22. Who lights torches abd candles in unoccupied ruins and tunnels?

  23. How about no fall damage in assassin's creed odyssey or leap of faith in AC games

  24. we not gunna talk about how many guns u can carry on gta

  25. or when theres a blocked area by like a wooden beam and your character will either do a button mash to move the wood or you'll lift it for someone while they go under… when you both could of climbed over the top and waste less energy lol

  26. looking at the comment section is urge me to tell you that THERE'S SHOULD BE PART 2 OR EVEN PART 3 FOR THIS KIND OF CONTENT!!!

  27. Add another one for battlefield. You could be revive even you got blown up by tanks but couldn't be revive with knife/melee attack xD

  28. During the transport or small building art assets for strategy games segment, I kept thinking of that scene in Zoolander where Derek goes "What is this….? A SCHOOL FOR ANTS?!"

  29. Who's going around lighting all these dam torches and candles?!…

  30. Video games are meant to defy physics 😆😆😆

  31. While exploring tombs in Tomb Raider is fun, I had a thought while playing Shadow of The Tomb Raider. How in the world is the rope seemingly extending from her stomach? Does Lara have some kind of rappelling rope implant or something? Is there a harness, that the rope is fastened to? Nope, developers did not put that in. So I do wonder where the rope comes from.

  32. Sprint fatigue always annoy me. Like Commander Shepard, one of the most elite soldiers in the known universe. Sprints 10 steps, sorry bro you're fatigued.

  33. I allways close the resi saferoom door. ALLWAYS!!!!!

  34. In the case of Legend of Zelda with the iron boots, it was covered in the cartoon series that link utilizes a magic pouch. Apparently all Link have access to it

  35. Number 1: female armors
    Designed for our pleasure and their protection

  36. Gerald of rivia can store 1000 tons of grasses in his pocket. In gta you pull out RPGs and machineguns out of your anus. Also in every game where there is a gameplay mechanism that includes eating food or drinking, your character doesn't EVER take a shit or pee

  37. Sephirot isn't the cause of the eclipse.
    He "just" drages you into a timeline where it happens.

  38. I disagree with that first line. It's not "realism" that games need, it's CONSICTENCY. For example, you can be breaking down doors all through the game but suddenly come across one that looks no different from the dozens that you've broken down before but you can't do anything with, then there's a problem. It's not realism, it's keeping the rules consistent.

  39. #7 is something I notice EVERY TIME. Especially for places that are supposedly miles below the ground. lol

  40. @gameranx Do you guys have a video where you're fighting a boss with an insane finisher and after you beat said boss and unlock to play as him and can't use said finisher yourself!? cause I'd really like to watch that!! lol

  41. Or how AI cant see you when you "hide" in a bush with your fat head still sticking out.

  42. In regards to natural light / torches, that's why you force the character to have something to light the way (God of War 2016 did that well).

  43. Sekiro is pretty much a chihuahua trying to fight bigger dogs 😂

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