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10 Best Puzzle Games That Make You Smarter

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For those of you who like a good challenge we prepared a top 10 list of the most intriguing puzzle games on the market. We included those games that make you think twice before making your move and that require maximum attention and an out of the box thinking. The more mind bending they are, the better. Watch our video and find out what are the top picks for the most challenging puzzle games on the market. You’ll find different styles, approaches and stories that will most certainly leave you with a thirst for solving mazes, opening portals and retrieving pieces of intricate puzzles.


  1. The Talos Principle was an absolute masterpiece of a game.

  2. Which one of these are available on Mobile ? Android I mean…

  3. I love Portal both 1 and 2. Also back in the Commodore 64 days, (I know that's ancient times), but also Impossible:Mission 1 and 2, Lode Runner and a few others that were so darn hard to even beat. Never got that far in Lode Runner, beat both IM1 and 2, back then there was no internet, no gamefaqs and if you wanted magazines on how to beat the game, a hefty fee for pricing on that on top of a 45-50 game itself. Screw that, I'd rather learn myself on how to play and for some reason if I ever read an instruction manual I seem to never get through a game that takes a mass amount of thinking.

  4. fnaf it makes you use your head to solve the fucking game

  5. Portal 2 should be number 1 cuz story and puzzles

  6. Try QUBE too. It's a quite fun first person puzzle game

  7. Portal 1 was great but Portal 2 is an absolute masterpiece.

  8. I beat The Room
    And The Room 2
    And The Room 3
    And The Room: Old Sins

    What is wrong with me

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  10. so I'd been searching this old PC games, but no success. the only thing I could remember about this games cd disc like the image on its front cover, it was a robot with ear-shaped red antenna(https://i.pinimg.com/236x/d4/5d/b5/d45db510d25404e0d8dc690c4e62e906–old-toys-battery-operated.jpg) like in this image I think, & the gameplay a bit vague, I remember it has many section of puzzle solving, one of it I remember was a ladybug in a maze, where you need to guide it to exit. & the graphic look 3D enough but, kinda mix with claymation style but not really that clay. I think it was 2000 pc games on windows 2000, or maybe 98. ( I remember playing this PC games in my middle school in 2004 something like that )

  11. LOL what a shit titles. Ok here it goes:
    Ripper, Black Dahlia, The lighthouse, Myst I-V, Rhem I-IV, Aura, Obsidian, Journeyman Project I-III, Morpheus, Schizm I and II etc…

  12. I don’t like this list… The House of Da Vinci is not in the list

  13. An other puzzle game, try it! Escape Legacy

  14. I have done most those games but im not smart and not smarter.

  15. Its not GlEdos its Glados. Solid list you made but I would put Vessel in there,its the best puzzle platformer no1 talks about.

  16. I though riven or myst 4 would be on here.

  17. List is bull, doesn't have Stephen's Sausage Roll.

  18. Submachine was an awesome series of flash puzzle games back in the day, very Myst-like.

  19. Best puzzles games that I have personally played:
    The swapper
    Crush (psp)

    and portal 2 of course but that was already in the video.

  20. The a in Talos is pronounced like the a in hat. The g in Sigil is pronounced like a j. Why do so few people research before they make a video?

  21. When he showed please, dont touch anything in the beginning but didn't have it in the list it physically hurt me 😂..

  22. I though riven or myst 4 would be on here.
    Oh my… that pronunciation of "sigil".

  23. Oh my… that pronunciation of "sigil".
    I beat The Room
    And The Room 2
    And The Room 3
    And The Room: Old Sins

    What is wrong with me
    The room hands down the best puzzle game.

  24. I finished Portal 1 yesterday

  25. Somebody is copy and pasting oh my… that pronunciation of “sigil”

  26. I though riven or myst 4 would be on here.
    Oh my… that pronunciation of "sigil".
    I finished Portal 1 yesterday

  27. I though riven or myst 4 would be on here.
    No quantum conundrum?

  28. Nothing like the room and the house of davinci

  29. Good to see Portal belonging to number 1!

  30. 0:04 what game name? i ve been search for this game, but dont know the name. Someone, please say the name.

  31. I bough The Bridge on Steam, yet I cannot play it for some reason. Waste of my money, even though the game looks great.

  32. Seriously? They put fucking Portal at the top? Because it's popular????

  33. There’s a NEW PUZZLE GAME in town and it’s called E-QUATON! Find it on Amazon… this could rival Sudoku.

  34. I played
    the room.
    Rusty lake

  35. This video recommended because of the game " The Room

  36. Try playing the house of da Vinci 1 and 2

  37. help, I'm looking for an old game of pc in 3d, with puzzles, in first person, it's about an abandoned city where you get for example matches and going down to the sewers, using the matches you could walk through the dark. I also remember that there was a robot turned off, that gave you a key. The game is at least fifteen years old. If someone could help me, thank you!

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