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1 Screen Puzzles! | Super Mario Logic | Mario World Rom Hack [Part 1]

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Fun Mario Puzzles! | Super Mario Logic | Mario World Rom Hack [Part 1]
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Hack by: Final Theory
This rom hack of Super Mario World is all 1 screen puzzles.

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  1. Easy peasy lemon luigi


    Edit: owo thanks for the heart

  2. I Watched The Video And Remembered The Time I Watched You 100 Rooms Of Enemies Videos

  3. For puzzle 15, you were supposed to quickly get yoshi, "eat" the key, and jump o the bat

  4. Oh this looks awesome! Not sure how I missed all these being uploaded until the Final one lol. Great job, Darby!

  5. Hi, how do I download super mario logic or what emulator runs it?

  6. How did you get to this game? is this a emulator on your computer, or is this on the SNES?

  7. pin this please the mushroom was a lie

  8. Yo thanks for playing my game! It was harder to make than you think 😉

  9. Hello again Darby! This July Sunday, Im playing Mario logic now. I watched this video for the hint, and also, I love your videos Darby!

  10. this is literally the first time i learned you can throw a baby yoshi into a block

  11. I Will Give You A Fire Flower In Ep.3

  12. When i did the puzzle with the baby Yoshi, i kinda broke the game a little. Using block duplication to beat the level instead to the intended way. XD

  13. At 7:08 those aren’t berries there obviously apples because they’re on trees

  14. Have U Ever Made A Rom? Its Free But Risky Since U Got To Download A Bunch Of Thing To Make A ROM

  15. Виктория Романенко ТВ says:

    isis cool game LIKE!

  16. Yoshi can flutter jump by holding A/jump

  17. In the 1st water level, the mushroom wasn't a lie, it just made it harder to complete the level. Got it?

  18. Ive thoroughly watching you play this puzzle game (watching all you playthroughs backwards) so seeing the star now.. you are a pleasure to watch. Thank you for the smiles.

  19. This kinda reminds me a little of 100 Rooms of Enemies

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